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Essay on “A Scene Before The Examination Hall” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay No. 01

A Scene Before The Examination Hall

Boys and girls gather before the examination hall just half an hour before the starting of examination. Rickshaws after rickshaws and tongas  leave the boys and girls there. Many come on their bicycles. In no time there is a large gathering.

Boys and girls stand here and there. Some move about talking with one another. They will feel sad when he doors of the hall will be opened. Their parents encourage them. They tell them how they should write their answers to questions. Their friends advise them. They tell them their own experiences. They also tell them some examination tips.

Student think about the nature of questions. They form small groups. These groups are no the benches, in the verandah or on the green ground. They guess the question  papers. They answers them among themselves. A few boys and girls are seen alone. All are in  a hurry to meet their friends. As soon as they meet some intelligent boy they surround him and ask him certain questions. But the boys puts them off by dry answer.        

There are some candidates who have no fear of examination. They are free from care and anxiety. For them examination is not more than a play. They are making fun as usual. They tease those who are busy with their books. They laugh at them. They call them book-worms. They laugh at the poor dress of poor boys and girls.

You can see other people there. They are not candidates. They come here only to enjoy the gathering. Here are shopkeepers who run their shops there. Some hawkers are there. They sell their wares. They hawk now and then. At this time no sweets like Ladous and barfi are in demand. All are serious.

Just a few minutes before the beginning of the examination the superintendent of the examination comes. He has his peon with him. The peon opens the doors of the examination hall. Now the candidates enter in. all of them are in a great hurry. They take their seats. They dust the seats and desks. Some of them feel uneasy. They go out to ease themselves. All throw out the chits of paper outside. They give their answer books and books to their friends who wait outside. All hearts beat hard some pronounce the name of God.  

In the meantime the bell rings. There is perfect silence everywhere. All look serious. Now the scene is set for the examination to begin.


Essay No. 02


A Scene outside the Examination Hall


Examinations are said to be necessary evil. They unnerve even the most redoubtable ones, but they are indispensable.

A scene outside the examination hall offers a mixed bag of experiences. It in its own way bespeaks the merits and demerits of the examination system which need not be discussed here.

About half an hour before the start of the examination the students start moving towards the examination hall.

As the hall is then closed, they sit on the grassy plot m front of the hall. Some of them move close to the hall to have a look at the chart installed outside the hall. They study the position of their seat in the hall from the chart or table concerned. Some even peep through the windows to have the real sight of their seat, if possible.

A few minutes before the start of the examination, there is a fine hubbub of students outside the hall. An official, often the sweeper or peon comes and cleans the floor and desks in the hall. Then a clerk comes with files in his hands.

About fifteen minutes before the start of the examination comes the superintendent and then the supervisors start coming. The first bell often goes about ten minutes before the start of the examination. Then the students are allowed to enter the hall and occupy their seats. Their pockets are searched at the hall gate as they enter.

At the start of the second bell the examination starts. A few students can at that time be seen rushing into the hall. There is a pindrop silence thereafter outside the hall.

The candidates start coming out of the hall about half an hour before the end of the examination. As the examination ends, there is again a great noisy hubbub outside the hall. Slowly, the students go away and then again the place wears a deserted look.


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