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Essay on “A Scene In The Hospital Ward” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Scene In The Hospital Ward

A hospital has several wards. There are female ward, outdoor patients ward and emergency ward. These wards are joined together except the segregated ward.

The building of a hospital is like any other building. It is beautifully built. It has a large number of doors, windows and ventilators. The rooms are full of good articles of furniture. But its furniture is different form house – hold furniture in many ways. Each room has iron beds.

The surroundings of the hospital are quite neat and clean. Each ward has a garden are front of it. It adds to the beauty of the hospital. All the wards are neat and clean.

There is special hall. It is called operation theatre. No one except doctors and the nurses is allowed to enter it. Operations are done here. It is fitted with surgical instruments.

There is perfect silence in the ward. The footsteps of a doctor, a nurse or their words of sympathy break this silence. Patients of a ward are under the charge of a doctor and a nurse. The nurses look after the patients. They are dressed in white. They give them necessary medicines. They note down their  daily temperature. They feel their pulses. They wash their hands and mouths. They change their clothes.  They give them injections at the proper time. They move from bed to do their duties sad. Some of them cry with pains. The sisters try to cheer them up. A small wire gauze box and  a temperature chart are seen by the side fo each patient.

The doctor visits the patients at about 9 a.m. he goes to each. Bed. He enquieres about the patient’s difficulties. He asks about their improvement. Then eh prescribes the treatments. He encourages the patient by his sweet talk and then  goes away with a smiling face.

At night the patients are served with their meals. The friends and the relative of the patients also bring their foods. After meals, some of them go to sleep. Some pass night in their eyes. They make plans for   their future. They hope much from the doctors and nurses. A few patients break the silence  with their crises when the nurse injects them. At last they get a sleep.

But it is a pity that some doctors and nurses become careless.


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