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Essay on “A Rainy Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay No. 01

A Rainy Day in Rainy Season

How threading is nature on a rainy day. Yet she is lovely to look at. It is thrilling to move about on a day like this.

The day is dark and the sky is overcast with cloud. Rain comes down in torrents. Small muddy pools of water are here and there and everywhere. Trees bath themselves. Drops of water bang mother branches of the tree and drip on the earth below. A wander caught unaware is found taking shelter under the wide spreading branches of tall trees. No animal stress out. The whole region in drenched with rain.

Farmers with their bullocks, plough the fields. All are in ankle deep mud. It is steadily raining. They give up plugging. Mother earth is ready for fresh yield.

I walk up to the river bank on a day like this. Rain drops merge themselves into waves. Muddy waves throws their whole might against the bank. They oppose the movements of the boats. A blinding wind adds to the misery of the boatman. And the blinding rain obscures everything beyond.

I stand drenched under a tree. A few hours pass and streams came rushing down the sloppy places. Very soon they find level ground on and on the water flows sweeping away dirt and filth.

The incessant under a tree. Trees bath themselves. Drops of water bang mother branches of the tree and drip on the earth below. A wander caught unaware is found taking shelter under the wide spreading branches of tall trees. No animal stress out. The whole region in drenched with rain.

The rain stops and the clouds sail across the sky. The sun too shows it face but rather timidly. It seems frightened by the change that has came over nature. The nun hides again. The rainbow makes its appearance. Its beautiful colors lend a charm to the dull back ground of the sky. I see a flash of lighting and hear a distant rumbling and it rain.

The evening draws near. The rain pattes against the windows. Everyone is confined to his room. It rains hard and the wind hisses. The fury of nature goes on for hours.

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Essay No. 02


A Rainy Day

In summer the heat in intense. Hot winds blow. A dark cloud or a shower of rain is always welcome. If the rain does not fall people pray for it. They do Yoga exercise. It is difficult to go out in burning  heat.

In summer a rainy day is a day of enjoyment. When dark clouds cover the sky, we begin to dance with joy. When breeze blows and rain falls every  heart is filled with delight. People go  out to the canal or the river to hold picnic. Some people go out to enjoy sight of Nature. Young girls gather under some big tree to enjoy swing. They enjoy going up and down on the swing. They sing sweet songs. These songs give us great pleasure. Thus they make merry. Little children come out with lion clothes. They bathe in the rain water. Some of the m roll in dirty rain water.  They float paper boats in the running water. How they shout when their boas sink or are carried away by the current of water !

Everything in nature has fresh look after rain. The grass which looked withered in summer’s heat a day before, rises it head proudly. It moves to and fro when the wind blows. The cuckoo sings its sweet songs from mango tree. It hails the rain. How sweet are its songs!

There are pools of water here and there. Houses and streets wash off their dirt. Trees and plants are bathed in rain water. They look gay and green Animals and   birds also enjoy the rain. The frogs make a very pleasant noise after the rain. They begin to croak.

After rain roads, lanes and streets are covered with mud. It causes much trouble. We cannot walk without spoiling our clothes. Everybody feels uncomfortable for some time. Boys have to stop out- door games. People become bored and inactive. At some places railway track is damaged when it rains heavily. Mud huts begin to leak. Some are damaged under heavy rains. Boys and girls get completely wet. Sometimes they fall ill. They fall a prey to skin diseases.

On the whole a rainy day in the summer is generally full of joy. It brings comfort to us. It is fully enjoyable if the sun does not appear. But if the clouds break up the sun begins to shine more brightly. Then our joy disappears. The wind fails. Oh ! there is close again. The heat becomes more intense. How miserable we feel! The roads get muddy. Here and there the careless passers- by slip down. How people make fun of them! They spoil their clothes. But all the same rain is a must in a country like India.  

(458 Words)

Essay No. 03


A Rainy Day Makes Me Feel Happy

 My brother, sister and I love rainy days. We enjoy playing in the rain very much. There is a very shallow stream near our house. Each time it rains, we go there to sail our paper boats and watch them being swept away. The rain makes the water in the stream deeper and it is exciting to watch the swift currents flow over the stones, carrying away leaves, grass from our garden. We watch intently as our paper boats are tossed about in the water. They down the stream and we often wonder where then sail swifdy they finally end up.

During the rain, we also love to sit and watch the puddles of water in our garden. As pools of water are formed, our ducks start splashing about in them, quacking noisily. Sometimes, we run out in the rain, throw stones into the puddles of water and watch the ripples of water growing bigger and bigger. The water looks like rings of silver as the shining raindrops fall onto its surface. I think the rain is better than the burning heat of the sun. Once in a while, we enjoy ourselves playing ball games in the rain. It is fun, provided we do not catch a cold or a chill. I like playing in the rain when there is no thunder or lightning.

(230 Words)

Essay No. 04


A Rainy Day

Outline: The shortage of water in June — the sky overcast — street scenes —children were happy.

The month of June came to an end without a drop of rain. There was an acute shortage of water. Crowds of people formed queues near public taps anxiously waiting to fill their pots with precious water!

It was a hopeful sign when one day we saw the gathering clouds becoming darker and darker. Suddenly there was a gust accompanied by rain. The rain pelted down so vigorously that soon the drains were full and overflowing. The low-lying areas were flooded, confining several families in their homes.

In the streets one witnessed another sight. Pedestrians ran helter-skelter for safety and shelter. Those who anticipated rain were well armed with umbrellas and waterproof coats. As the rain poured, traffic slowed down and at certain places it almost came to a standstill. Life in the city was disorganized, several trains were held up as the track lay under water, and almost all public vehicles ceased plying. In these conditions the plight of the people going to offices, students to schools and colleges, and businessmen to their working places, was pitiable. It was very difficult for them to reach their destinations.

In spite of the gloom cast by the grey sky, there were some scenes of merriment. School-going children hailed the day with shouts of joy. It turned out to be a holiday, and scores of children were seen romping and wading knee-deep in puddles of water, playing at ducks and drakes, or splashing water at one another. There were some amusing ‘scenes which sent the bystanders into roars of laughter. Some umbrellas were blown off, while others had their covering turned inside out. Someone sprawled on the slippery ground or tumbled in the miry pool.

When the rain ceased after an incessant downpour of two or three days, the air was clean and the sky looked clear. temperature dropped, relieving the’ city of the sweltering heat which caused so much discomfort to the people.

Difficult Words: Gust – sudden rush of wind. pedestrian – one journeying on foot. helter-skelter – in a hurry, in disorder. anticipated-expected. ducks & drakes – a game in which one makes the surface of water.

(376 Words)

Essay No. 05


A Rainy Day

The monsoons in India are heralded with great joy because they provide respite to a tropical country from the intense heat it is cloaked in the whole year around. The ideal rainy day of course, is, when it rains steadily for hours on end. Rainy days might appear gloomy and depressing to many, but to those living in the tropics the rains are a welcome change. All of a sudden the earth is transformed from this dry, dusty, parched piece of land in to a gorgeous, green beauty that is full of life and vigor. The sky may be overcast, but the flowers are in full bloom. All around, it is like the earth is coming alive, celebrating life itself. The smell of rain when it hits the hot earth is what memories are made of in the subcontinent.

A rainy day is a lot of fun for kids. As they step out of their homes, umbrellas in hand and make their way down to school, the roads are transformed in to a rainbow of colors. Elbowing each other with their umbrellas, stealinga few raindrops here and there, jumping in puddles; a rainy day is a time to rejoice for the young. Nothing can be more fun than playing football in the rain. Slipping, falling, and sliding with the occasional goal thrown in while the rain pours on to you incessantly is possible only on a rainy day and it is the stuff that youth fun is made up of. As for the adults, a rainy day when one has to go to work can be unwelcome. Circling the puddles, while hanging on to an umbrella and a briefcase, all the while keeping an eye on the road to make sure that a passing vehicle does not splash you with muck can be both grueling and cumbersome. It could take away the magic from a rainy day but of course nothing that a steaming cup of tea, a mug of coffee, and a plate of hot snacks (bhajjis) wouldn’t remedy. The pitter patter of raindrops makes for soothing music to the soul and many music albums have been inspired by it.

In Indian music, a raga is a melody which is based on a series of notes. Raga Megha and Raga Malhar are associated with rainy season and when they are sung on a rainy day they create magic. Such is the impact of rains on our senses that no Bollywood movie is complete without at least one scene of the hero and heroine frolicking in the rain.

On a serious note, rain means everything to farmers. In an agricultural country like India rains can affect the economy. No rain could mean water shortage and a famine too. While rain is good for the crops and they thrive on it, several rainy days could mean excess rain to the extent that the crops could be destroyed. A rainy day in the monsoon season is welcome, but a rainy day in warm weather could mean destruction of fruits like the mango. It could spell the ruin of certain crops. The true delight of a rainy day is when one sees a rainbow. Rainbows cause a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines on to droplets of moisture. This multicolored arc, which has seven colors in all, is a pleasure for the eyes to behold for both the young and old. All in all a rainy day is a day that fills you with joy and calm and soothes your soul even if it might sometimes be inconvenient.


(604 Words)


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