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Essay on “A Day in the Life of a Teacher” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Essay No. 01


Everybody wants to be a teacher. Every beggar wants to make a gift of million dollars. Just as these beggars are ridiculous so are these teachers.

Teachers are nation builders. A teacher has to perform a very pious duty. He has to lead a very virtuous life. A light mistake on his part may cause a perfect ruin of the students he teaches. He is expected to abandon all evils. He is supposed to be an embodiments of virtues. A true teacher emits the fragrance of knowledge all around him. He is the source of light and proper guidance.

A Teacher rises early in the morning and makes his preparations for going to the school. A good teacher prepared his lessons for the day. He reaches the school in time, if he is late sometimes, the second bell goes. He take part in the morning assembly and stands before his class. He goes to his class just after the prayer assembly is dispersed. He tries to maintain discipline at every step.

All the students stand up when the teacher enters in the class. It is just to show respect to the teacher and also to make themselves alert for teaching the lesson. A teacher teaches the students with love and care. He never minds the trouble. Sometimes he has to because tact is more important than talent for success in life.

In this way he saves his honor also and does not want to give wrong impression to students. The class is magic bound by his effective teaching. He teaches in all the periods allotted to him. A good and loving teacher takes arrangement periods also very sincerely.

Correction work is very essential for a teacher to rectify the mistake of the students. He does his correction works in the vacant periods. Sometimes he brings the exercise notebooks of the students to his home and makes corrections in them. In spite of his best efforts, sometimes he faces the anger of the Principal. But misted of plunging in the confrontation, he follows the advice of the principal.

Spare the rod and spare the child was the citrine for the teachers ion ancient times. Today a teacher deals with the student psychologically. He does not give corporal punishment to his students. He uses the rod very sparingly. Sometimes guardians also come to him, to enquire about their wards. He gives them the right piece of advice. He implies the student with sound advice.


Essay No. 02


A Day in the Life of a Teacher

A teacher is a nation builder. As such, he has to be very cautious about his work and duty.

He gets up early in the morning and goes out for a walk. He is fond of flowers, breezes and birds. As he returns home, he has a bath. Then he takes breakfast and goes to school on his bicycle or scooter or in his car.

He is never late for school. He takes the students of his class to the morning assembly. Then the teaching work starts.

He teaches the students very carefully. He takes great pains in doing his duties. He does not generally rebuke the students. But sometimes he has to take to task a naughty student. Thus, he is a strict disciplinarian.

Besides teaching, he does other duties assigned to him such as preparing students for a function, participating in extra-curricular activities and national campaigns such as census, polling duty, literacy drive, pulse polio, blood donation camp, etc.

Sometimes, he is asked to deliver a speech or give a lecture on a particular topic. He always discharges his duties very conscientiously. He is in the good books of the school management and administration. The students also like and love him. He also loves and teaches the students as his own children.

There may be exceptions among the teachers just as such exceptions are there everywhere among students, doctors, workers etc. — people who shirk work. But most of the teachers are conscious of their duties and try to live upto them. They try to update their knowledge by visiting the library regularly.

Thereafter, as the day’s work is over, the said teacher returns home. He takes lunch and then he pursues his hobby or a game. After dinner, he may study some book or watch TV for some time and then he goes to bed.



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