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Essay on “A Journey in An Aeroplane” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Journey in An Aeroplane

Flying in an aeroplane is an experience most people consider interesting and exciting. Like everyone else, I also wondered how a huge object, several meters long, wide and high, weighing scores of tonnes, could lift itself off the ground and fly for long periods of time with absolute grace and with seemingly no effort. My mood was, therefore quite buoyant when I flew in an aircraft for the first time, while on a journey from Mumbai to Delhi a few years ago.

The flight was scheduled for early morning, and as directed, I reported at the airport an hour before departure. After the preliminaries, like baggage check-in and security clearance, my fellow-passengers and I walked up to the aircraft to board it. At the end of my climb up the ladder, I was warmly welcomed on board by an air hostess and the fight purser, flashing hospitable smiles. They were very politely guiding us, the passengers, to our respective seats.

As I entered the aircraft, I felt that my vibrant mood until then was yielding to one of steadily increasing anxiety and awe. The change in my mood was obviously due to my lack of experience in flying. Ignoring my uneasiness, I slumped into my seat and tried to relax as best as I could.

From my seat near the window, I could see one of the engines, hanging from the aircraft wing, start with a squeaking sound, which a little later developed into a deafening screech. The pilot’s voice was soon on the public address system advising us to tighten our seat belts. After the initial amble, as the aircraft picked up speed, I could see through the window the terminal building vanishing swiftly behind me. Almost immediately afterwards, I experienced a gentle jerk, which indicated that the aircraft war airborne. As the aircraft was climbing up to its cruising height, I felt as though a needle was piercing my ears. In a reflex action, I cupped them with my palms. The pain lessened instantly, and in time, eased completely.

I relished the refreshments that were served after the pilot announced that the seat belts could be released. Munching sandwiches and sipping orange juice at thousands of meters above the ground had a rare thrill and excitement about them. Once the refreshments started settling in my belly, my anxiety gradually started dissipating. With a feeling of satisfaction and buoyancy, I took out the newspapers and magazines from my seat pouch to read out my time. The flight was pleasant enough to make me doze off a bit as well.

I was woken up by the request to fasten the seat belts. The plane was nearing its destination and preparing to land there. As I looked out of the window, I could see features like fields, buildings and roads gaining clarity. After the plane had made a smooth touchdown, with a gentle thud, the sound of the engines steadily lowered until it was reduced to a feeble whimper.

When the aircraft eventually stopped, some distance from the terminal building, I heard the flight commander’s voice instructing the passengers to prepare for disembarking. I heaved a gentle sigh and thanked God for a safe flight. The air-hostesses were once again at the door, bidding us good-bye and thanking us for our patronage. After experiencing an hour of tranquility, thousands of meters above the ground, I was back again in the midst of the hurly-burly of Mother Earth!


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