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Essay on “A Journey by Train” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Journey by Train

8 Best Essays on ” A Journey by Train”

Essay No. 01

          Tours, trips, picnics, and excursions are very common. A journey by train or bus has great attractions for most of us. It affords us a chance to see new places and the most interesting people.

            My college broke up for summer vacation on 10th June and I decided to go to Delhi. My uncle lives there. He had invited me to spend a few days with him. So I packed my luggage and drove to the railway station on a scooter. My father came to see me off. We reached the station in time. we went off the booking office window to get a ticket. There was a long queue at the window. My father managed to get a ticket for me.

    People of all casters and creeds were seen there. Secular India was visible there. The train arrived at the platform. People were running up and down to get a seat. Coolies were busy helping the passengers. The hawkers were crying at the top of their voices. There was a great rush. My father pushed me and I was able to occupy a seat. He placed my luggage in the compartment. Soon the train steamed off. I made my father goodbye.

     Soon the train gained speed. Very soon we were passing through the green fields. The farmers were seen working in their fields. They were sloughing the fields. Shepherds were grazing cattle. The children were making faces at us. We passed by many small and big towns. The train passed many bridges. The trees looked like running backward. The earth seemed to be moving around. The clouds were in the sky. The scenery was very fine.

   Our train was moving fast. It did not stop at small stations. It reached Ambala Cantt. At 5 p.m. here I had some tea. Again it moved on. It stopped at Panipat and Sonepat. It reached Delhi at 9 p.m. my uncle was already waiting for me. He received me warmly. Delhi railway station is a very big one. We hired an auto rickshaw and drove homeward.

          Really the journey by rail was a very interesting one.

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Essay No. 02

A Journey By Train

A journey by train is the cheapest and most comfortable. I had always traveled with my parents.  Last month I got a chance to travel alone.

There came an invitation from my maternal uncle at Allahabad to join the marriage ceremony of his son. My father had not time. So he asked me to go. He gave me some money and many instructions about the ceremonies.

I was very glad. I had to go by the Delhi Express. I put up my things in a small box and asked the servant to bring a rickshaw for the station. I reached the station one hour before the time of the arrival of the train.

I went to the booking office to buy a ticket for myself. There was a great rush. But the people were standing in a queue. I also joined them. At last, I purchased the ticket. As soon as I got my ticket, I hired a coolie. I reached the platform.

 I saw a large crowd on the platform. I became nervous. At last, the train came and stopped. My coolie took me from compartment to compartment. But there was no room. People cried. “No room, no room”. I requested a gentleman to let me come in. he did so. I had to remain standing.

The train started with a whistle. The wind began to blow. I saw the scenery outside. It was pleasing. There were green fields. Little children were grazing their cows and buffaloes. They shouted with joy. They called out to us. The train was running very fast. It did not stop at small stations. I reached Etawa in an hour.

The train started again. Just then there came a man putting on a black coat. The man in a black coat was the ticket checker. I was surprised to find that there were six men in the compartment without tickets. Four of them paid double the fair. The other two were Sadhus. They were not charged. They were asked to get down at the next station.

My train reached Kanpur. Here was the greatest rush. It is a great junction. Boxes and bundles were thrown in carelessly. A small child was wounded. A woman lost her box.  A man had his pocket picked. There was a great noise. I thanked God that I got a seat.

At last, the train reached Allahabad. I was glad to see my cousin. He had come to receive me. We hired a coolie and we went out of the station. We reached home in a rickshaw. In the way, I told my sousing all the experiences of the journey. It was an important journey. I can never forget it.

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Essay No. 03

Journey By Train

A journey by train is an interesting experience. Last Sunday I had an occasion since I with my friend Satish had planned to visit Vaishnav Delhi Railway Station well in advance and after staying in the queue for about half an hour we got the tickets. When we stood on the platform to wait for the train there were thousands of passengers with a lot of luggage; children, women, youth, and old were all eager to board the train for Jammu. It was a mad rush. Everyone tried to catch hold of a seat. The coolies know the knack of the job. All my efforts to board the train failed. It was impossible. My coolie managed to enter through a window and put our luggage on a seat. Anyhow, we reached there and sat down. All around the passengers were standing. There was not any space to move around. Things started to settle down when the train moved. We had a breath of fresh air. The train moved at high speed and we were soon out of Delhi. It was much more pleasing outside. The lush green fields and trees seemed to welcome everywhere. The train passed through many villages, towns, and cities. It was very interesting to observe the rural life of India. It was very nice to see men, women, and children working in the fields. Rural India seemed to be prosperous with all urban facilities available to them. Good houses, roads, schools and colleges, markets, and bazaars were seen everywhere. The people seemed happier than the urbanites probably because life did not seem to be so complex as we experience.

The train stopped at many stations. We took many cups of tea and enjoyed some seasonal fruits sold there. We had an occasion to make friends with some boys in the cabin. They were also going to Vaishnav Devi Mata. We shared some eatables and it was good to converse with them. One of them was from Bangalore doing a course in Engineering and the other studying law in Delhi. We spent a good time and at last, late in the evening, the train reached Jammu. One of our friends there received us at the station and he took us to his home being very tired, we had a good meal and went to bed immediately.   

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Essay No. 04

My First Train Journey

A journey is often a pleasure. A journey by train is also a pleasure. A journey by train is much more joyful to me. It was summer. My school was closed. I and some of my friends decided to go to my sister’s house in Chittagong by train. We reached the Kamalapur railway station by taxi. We bought our tickets and got on the train at 7 a.m. When the train whistled, the train started moving. I sat beside a window. The train left the urban area soon. Then the train began running through the green field of the rural areas. I gazed and gazed at the houses, trees, and meadows. My mind became cheerful. Everything seemed to be running. Then it crossed a bridge over a river. It was an express train. It stopped only at a few big stations. At noon we reached the areas of Chittagong district. I felt joy seeing hills. After seven hours, the train reached the Chittagong railway station at 4 p.m. We got down from the train and went to my sister’s house by taxi. We enjoyed the journey much. It gave us much pleasure. A journey by train is a joyful journey. We shall never forget this journey. It gave me a lot of pleasure. We enjoyed the journey very much.

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Essay No. 05

Journey By Train

A few people today fly by airplanes. The remaining people travel by buses, cars, and scooters. Sometimes they travel by ship to various countries, but I like a journey by train.

Once my cousin’s marriage was to be celebrated. I had a chance to travel by train up to Amritsar. Amritsar is far away from Bombay. Actually, I traveled by air to Delhi and stayed there with my brother for a fortnight before I decided to travel by train with the marriage party.

We started from the New Delhi Railway Station. We had already got our seats reserved in a second-class compartment. Forty people started along with my cousin who was to be married. We had got enough luggage with us. There were children and ladies with us.

The train started at 8 a.m. and we were soon out of Delhi and reached the Panipat Railway Station, where the train halted for eight minutes. We ordered tea and all of us had a cup of tea each. The train became late and we don’t know the reason why it happened. We started from Panipat at 9.45 a.m. after waiting for about half an hour.

I wanted to see outside the compartment. Therefore, I occupied my seat near the window of the compartment. I saw the trees flying fast like the train running at top speed. Everything appeared to be in motion.

I looked at the sky. The sun was moving fast. I asked my father why it happens so. He told me that the train was in motion and we were sitting on the train, therefore, everything appears to be in motion. But actually, those things are not in motion and it is our train that moves along.

Anyhow, it was a good experience to watch men move fast outside. Not to speak of the people alone, we saw the running vehicles also.

Thus, our train halted at Karnal and Ambala. We had some refreshments at Ambala. The train was moving fast again. But at the platform of Ambala, we saw sturdy Sikh gentlemen running up and down in large numbers. They were anxious to go to Amritsar. All of them caught the same train and occupied our neighboring compartment. I enquired of one person who entered our compartment and he said that they were going to join a marriage party.

I wondered how two marriage parties were traveling on the same train. Two Sikh young men were singing songs and we could hear their songs well. Thus we also enjoyed their songs in the neighboring compartment.

At about 5.30 p.m. our train reached Amritsar. All of us got out of the train and started for our destination. Nearby a temple and a Dharamshala were obtained for us. We stayed in the Dharamshala.

One thing is worth mentioning. The train had run very fast and we reached our destination in a matter of hours. We felt a little hungry but at the platform, we could get everything and that also at a very cheap rate. I enjoyed my journey very much. I kept on chatting with my brother who was with me. There was no overcrowding as we find in buses. We sat comfortably in our seats. We had a nap also sometimes, but we reached safe and sound. We were much happy to reach Amritsar from where, four hours afterward, the marriage party was to return.

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Essay No. 06

Journey by Train


When I Traveled By Train

Last week I had to attend a friend’s wedding in Kanpur. Since it takes only three hours by train, I decided to go by it.

I got a ticket booked in the Shatabdi Express. It leaves New Delhi Railway Station sharply at half-past six in the morning. I reached the station at six in the morning. I checked my reservation.

At twenty minutes past six, the train lined up on the platform. There was a terrible rush of passengers to board the train. Things began to settle down only after each one had found their assigned seats.

The train began to move out of the platform slowly. Friends and relatives who had come to see off their dear ones on the trains started waving goodbyes. As the train gathered speed, the cabin staff distributed the newspapers and tea/coffee.

The breakfast was served half an hour after the train had left Delhi. After breakfast people occupied themselves with books and music. While I found the scenery outside the train very fascinating. And soon I was immersed in the green fields, trees, ponds, and villages that rushed by.

My reverie was broken by the ticket checker. While doing his rounds in the compartment he discovered a passenger who was traveling under a false name and age. He fined the passenger then and there. It was really interesting to see that a forty-year-old man was trying to pass off as a youth of twenty.

No sooner had the excitement died down it was time for me to get off the train. The train entered the Kanpur station and stopped at the assigned platform. I took my suitcase and got down. I was received at the station by my friend. So in this way, an uneventful journey came to an end.

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Essay on “My Train Journey”

Essay No. 7

The last train journey during the last Durga Puja vacation remains fresh in my mind. The journey remained important for the reason that it was a rare opportunity for me in student life. The half-yearly examination was to be held after the holidays as per the notification. The news brought cheer and I eagerly waited for the opportunity to have a trek to Delhi, the capital of India. The prospect of visiting Delhi with my parents filled my heart with joy. I went with other family members from Cuttack railway station. The train we travelled by was the Nilanchal express. The train was delayed at Cuttack Railway Station. There was great noise on the station. As the train arrived the passengers were rushing towards the compartments.

Some passengers were sitting on the floor and some were moving about the station in a cheerful mood. My compartment was full. Some passengers were occupying the seats in an unfair way. The passengers that came late were being penalized. There were a number of coolies on the platform too. My father had booked four tickets standing in the queue. When the first bell rang, before the start of the train the passengers seemed to remain alert and there was no scrambling for seats. Everybody was anxious to get into the train. But the passengers inside the compartments banged the doors so that others might not enter into their compartments forcibly from outside. The situation of passengers making themselves comfortable. The train left the station as the guard blew the whistle and waved the flag. We heard a sigh of relief after occupying our seats. It was my first journey by train. After leaving the station the rain gained its speed. The train halted at every station. It ran between green fields, valleys, hills, and forests. The distant trees seemed to move in the opposite direction. The sights that attracted us most on the way were that of the green sugarcane and wheat fields of U.P. State. Other interesting scenes were that of beautiful birds of variegated colours. The red glow of the sun, the sight of the setting sun, and the hues of the clouds in the sky provided the charming scene to us. Apart from the sightseeing, other things that attracted our sight were the selling of fruits by fruit vendors, the checking of tickets by the ticket examiner inside the train. I got the opportunity of going through different comic books and magazines to relieve the boredom of the journey of long forty-eight hours. By the time we reached Delhi, it was 10 P.M. The journey was interesting. The loud talk of the people inside the train still came as a reminiscence when I remain in a solitary place even today.

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A Journey by Train

Essay No. 8

My elder sister lives in Pune in Bombay. She works there. I got an invitation to spend my holidays with her. I booked a ticket in the Bombay-Pune Mail. On the appointed day I reached the railway station. The train was at the platform. I boarded it and found my seat. It was near a window.

The guard blew the whistle and the train steamed off. I tried to go to bed but couldn’t sleep. The movement of the train kept me awake even at night.

The train halted at many stations. At every station, some passengers got down, and some others got into the train. The train passed over bridges and rivers. There was a party of young men in our compartment. They were having good fun. They were talking, laughing, and singing. They also played cards.

Our train reached a very pretty little station in the morning. As the train halted at some distance from the station. I was unable to see the name of the station. At a distance mountains and clouds could be seen. The air was fresh and cool. The scenery was very charming, there were many trees. Birds were chirping on them and fresh flowers grew near the railway tracks. I saw an old man selling watermelons. My mouth watered at the sight of the ripe water melons. I bought a small watermelon. As I sat eating it, I could not help admiring the beautiful sight and sounds of nature.

Just then the train got the signal and started to move out of the station. I quickly scrambled up the train. I sat on my berth and soon fell asleep. I woke up after an hour. I rolled my bedding. I went to the bathroom and freshened up. When I came back to the seat, I found that the breakfast was being served. I ate a light breakfast. The journey was nearing its end. All the passengers were getting ready to get down. They were packing their belongings. The journey had been very quiet and calm. There were no mishaps. Soon the Pune station came, and all of us alighted from the train.

My sister had come to receive me. She was overjoyed to meet me. We came out of the station, hired a taxi, and reached her house in about twenty minutes.

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