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Essay on “A Flight by Air” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Flight by Air

   A flight in an aeroplane is very interesting. It is most comfortable and the quickest way of travelling from one place to another.

     I was sending my summer vacation with my uncle at Delhi. One morning, I got telegram from my father, who is a film distributor in Mumbai about his serious illness. I had been asked to reach Mumbai without delay. I decided to fly to Mumbai.

               I hired a taxi and reached the airport. I purchased a rocket for Mumbai and made my way to the aeroplane. I felt a bit nervous as it was my first flight by an aeroplane. I feared air sickness. I took courage and climbed the gang way leading to the small door of the plane. Then I took my seat in the plane.

  The pilot was ready in his seat. He started the plane. The engine made a loud noise. The plane began to glide along the ground and then I took off. It wheeled round and round like a kite rising higher and higher in the sky. A few minutes afterwards, we began to fly at a higher of 5000 feet. I looked below on the earth and felt a bit giddy. The ground seemed to be dropped away below us. The tall buildings of New Delhi looked like tiny spots.

   My first flight was an exciting experience. The place began to fly faster. I was no longer nervous. The plane was taking a very smooth course. I felt as comfortable aas if I were travelling in a car. I began to feel delighted by the flight. We flew over fields, dry areas of land, jungles, mountains and rivers. Everything on the ground below looked to be very small.

    The scene from the air was really charming. Cool air surrounded us. Sometimes, the clouds were floating over head. On boarding the aeroplane, I felt like a bird flying in the air. After being in the air for about two hours, our plane landed at the Santa Cruz Airport. I then took a taxi and started for my residence on the Juhu Beach.


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