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Essay on “A Day in the Life of an Astrologer” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Day in the Life of an Astrologer

Astrology is either a fraud or a highly complex and mysterious science. Those who believe in Vedic astrology or astrology of any other brand, consider it something highly reliable and desirable. Indeed, even many enlightened and highly educated people believe in the efficacy of astrology.

Even if astrology is an exact or acceptable science all astrologers may not be competent ones. As in every field of work, most of the so-called astrologers are nothing better than quacks or hypocrites who reap rich harvests taking advantage of their gullible clients.

There is an astrologer who sits near the railway crossing in our town. He goes there early in the morning and spreads his small mat on the wayside. He wears a round white turban and has a long saffron mark on his forehead. He wears a number of beaded garlands round his neck and rings of several descriptions in his fingers. There are several varieties of gems studded in his rings. He wears a loose hanging kurta. There also hang a number of amulets on his neck and arms.

He has hawkish searching eyes and many customers fall an easy prey to him voluntarily while he hails and calls others in a highly persuasive manner the art of which he has mastered over the years.

He reads palms and lines on the forehead of a person. At least, he claims or feigns to do so.

He reads horoscopes and knows and utters all the signs of the zodiac and effect of various planets on the life of a person in view of his or her time and place of birth.

He points out impending dangers to a man and suggests remedies which are generally costly and sometimes tough and strange. He charges heavy fees in all cases. But those who believe him do not grudge paying to him.

In the afternoon, he takes lunch there on the mat. He works till evening and thereafter leaves for his home. He is just an ordinary astrologer.

Certain astrologers have gained great reputation at national and even international levels and they earn like princes and lead a highly luxurious, sophisticated, elitist life.


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