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Essay on “A Day in the Life of a Doctor” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Day in the Life of a Doctor

A doctor who is employed in a hospital has to attend his duty according to schedule. I am, however, here going to describe a day in the life of a doctor who is self-employed and works at his own clinic. I’m talking about a well-qualified, popular and reputed doctor.

Such a doctor is first of all very conscious about his own health. A doctor who himself is not healthy can’t leave a good impression on his patients.

The doctor gets up early in the morning and prays to God. This may seem strange. But a truly good doctor is also a man of faith. He believes that he only treats and it is God who cures.

After praying to God, more in his heart than with his tongue and lips, he goes out for a long walk. He takes regular exercise. As he returns, he has a bath and then his breakfast and leaves for his clinic.

Before he reaches his clinic, the sweepers has already swept the floor of the clinic and the compounder is at his seat. Often a number of patients are sitting on benches, chairs or sofas and waiting for the doctor.

Some doctors think that going to clinic later than the scheduled time is a matter of pride, prestige and dignity. But, I think, they are mistaken. The patients appreciate only a doctor who is regular and punctual. In any case, it seems unethical to keep anybody waiting just to display one’s self importance and false egoism.

A really good doctor charges reasonable fees. He calls the patients strictly according to their turn. However, seriously ill patients may be attended prior to others. Such a doctor examines each patient very carefully and prescribes the best treatment he can think about. He does not ask his patients to go in for any unnecessary tests. He prescribes only those tests which are essential for proper diagnosis of the disease.

The doctor closes his clinic for lunch and reopens it in the afternoon. He examines the patients till 9 or 10 pm and returns home thereafter. He often has a nurse to assist him in his work. If he is a specialist in any particular area, he only prescribes medicines, but if he is a generalist, he generally has a pharmacist to deliver and administer medicines from his own small drug store.

A good doctor is ready to serve patients even at midnight. He may get high fees from rich men, but he treats poor patients free or at nominal charges. Such a doctor is an asset to society.


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