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Essay on “A day in the life of a student” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A day in the life of a student

Essay No. 01


If you have to see a carefree and happy life, or you have to study a life of discipline and devotion, you will have to go and see none else but as student. The life of a student is a queer miscue of so many things. A glimpse into the life of student will make an interesting reading.

The day of a school student starts with the ringing of the school bell which has got a special importance for him. It is a call to him to take up his duties in right earnest.

He gets up early, attends to the call of Nature and takes his morning bath. Within no time he takes this breakfast and hurries to school. With the satchel of books on his back.

He has either to catch a bus or got to foot. But in either case his eyes are all the time on this wrist watch. Very little time is left and he is so far from the school. His heart begins to beat fast. He may be late. He wishes if he could fly to school. A friend hap ends to come there on his bilk. Both ride on the same bike and reach the school in time. How glad he is!

The roll call is going on in the class. Gently he responds to it. Then in a line he goes to the prayer ground along with other boys of his class. He must observe perfect silence while at prayer. Just after prayer there is National Anthem and he must show full respect to it by standing erect.

He must be regular and punctual. A big absent awaits him, If he is late even by a minute. He minute. He must be in school uniform or he is being sent back. He must be in perfect discipline or he will be taken to task.

Morning assembly is over and the first period begins. It is English period and he likes it very much.

The life of a student is a queer miscue of so many things. A glimpse into the life of student will make an interesting reading. It is now the forth period. He wants for sweet recess to commence to rescue him from the tyranny of class room.

While at home, he must finish the home task given to him or he must be prepared for punishment next morning. If the monthly tests or terminal examinations are near, he must burn the mid night oil and revise his course.

With books and bells he thus rolls on between school and home. And days, weeks months and years go unrolling one after the other.


Essay No. 02


A Day in the Life of a Student

A student is the future helmsman of our country. It is on him that the hopes of our country rest.

A student may be extra-brilliant, that is, outstanding or excellent in his studies. He may be just bright. But most of the students are average or mediocre. We cannot ignore the fact that a good many students are dull and shirking in doing their work.

An average student gets up early in the morning. He may go out for a walk if he has been so taught by his parents, and he may take some exercise also. On returning home, he takes a bath and has his breakfast.

After that he picks up his bag of books and goes to school on his bicycle except that when he has a scooter or a car, he uses the same for the purpose.

Some students are in the habit of going to school late. But most of the students reach the school in time. Here, we are talking of an average student. So, we can realize that he reaches the school on time, if not in time.

As soon as the bell goes, he is already there in the classroom. He comes to the school hall or ground, as the case may be for the morning assembly and prayer.

Then he returns to his class and starts the studies in right earnest. He is very attentive to the teacher and does not disturb him/her. It is presumed that he has come to the school with the previous day’s home-work done well and properly as desired by the teacher.

During the recess-break, he may go to the canteen or just keep sitting there in the class-room. He respects all the teachers and behaves nicely with all his class-mates. He observes discipline in every possible way.

He may take part in one or the other game and participate in a cultural programme. An average student may not come off with flying colures in studies or he may not win many prizes, trophies and awards in games and extra-curricular activities, but at least he is sincere and regular and punctual and deserves our appreciation for being a disciplined one.

As the last bell goes, he comes out of his class and goes back home. He plays for some time and does his homework. Then he takes dinner and watches TV for some time and then goes to bed.



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