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Essay on “A day in the Life of a Nurse” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A day in the Life of a Nurse

Essay No. 01

Whether it is war or peace, there is one noble work which goes on ceaselessly forever. The Lady with Lamp is always there. Florence Nightingale still keeps the vigil. Clad in a well dressed, well starched pure white uniform, the nurse is all the time present in the service of the sick and the wounded.

For a nurse the day begins quite early. Hurriedly she dresses herself up and gets ready for work. Within a few minutes she takes her cup of tea and moves on to take charge from the nurse on night duty.

First of all she sees that the ward is cleaned and washed. She then arranges for bed pans. With a smiling face, she goes from bed to bed and takes the temperature of the patients and writes it down on the chart. She enquires about the health of the patience and writes it down on the chart. She enquires about the health of the patients.

When the doctor comes on his daily round in the morning, she is with him and explains the condition of the patients. She tries to understand what the patient means to say and tells everything to the doctor. Many a time the patient happens to be uneducated and the doctor is highly qualified. She has to work as an interpreter between the two.

She has to take down and remember each new prescription and instruction given by the doctor. She has also to bring medicines from the store room and administer injections to her patients.


Essay No. 02


A Day in the Life of a Nurse

Florence Nightingale was the originator of the institution of nurses. She herself was the first and perhaps the greatest of the nurses. She was a symbol and model of sacrifice and is still remembered as ‘The Lady with the Lamp.’

The lot of the nurses is very hard and is usually not recognized to the extent that it should be. Their remuneration is not commensurate with the hard work they put in.

A typical nurse works in a hospital. She lives in a small residence allotted to her in a corner of the hospital. Her duties usually go on shifting from time to time. Sometimes, she has day duty, sometimes night duty and sometimes a duty which covers half a day and half a night. Occasionally, she may have to give double duty in case of an emergency or when someone of her colleagues suddenly goes on leave. It is a different matter that thereafter, she may get a holiday for a day or so. And her duties also change frequently from one ward to the other.

Let us suppose the typical nurse has her day duty. Usually, it starts from eight in the morning and ends at four in the afternoon. She takes her breakfast and reaches the hospital in the specified ward on time. She gets the medicines as prescribed by the doctors to the patients and administers medicine to each patient. She may sometimes have to note the temperature of each patient on the chart appended to his bed and may also have to take the blood pressure. She also gives injections to the concerned patients. She has to be very careful lest wrong medicines should not be administered to any patient.

Sometimes, when a patient is in a serious condition, she may have to administer oxygen and remain on her toes. She may have to call the doctor concerned if she feels the condition of a patient is out of her control.

The nurse is a symbol of love, comfort and hope to the patients. She is like a mother or sister. She is rightly called ‘the sister.’ To a seriously ill patient, she may be more than a sister. She leaves the hospital when her duty is over after handing over the charge to the nurse next on duty.  


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