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Essay on “A day in sick bed” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A day in sick bed

I am lying sick in my bed. My mother is busy in morning chores. My father is getting ready to leave for his office. My brother and sister have already left home for their schools. I feel lonely. The doctor comes and begins to diagnose my ailment. My mother also comes near. The doctor tells her and me that there is nothing to worry about. I have malarial fever and am told by the doctor that I shall be all right in a few days. He jots down a prescription and hands over the piece of paper in which the prescription is written to my mother.

I feel more than lonely now. There is pain in my entire body. I need a pillow for placing my feet on. As there is no pillow closed by I place my feet on the quilt. Then I look around on the walls. I begin to feel giddy, so I close my eyes and am lost in thought of all kinds. I remember the school, my teachers and class fellows. The scene of my class room begins to hover before my eyes. I wish that I could have wings to fly to my class room and join my friends there. My joy knows no bounds to see my friends Surender and Raman who have come from to see my friends to see me as they are free from studies in the recess period. I forget all about my fever as I god dip with them. I feel very thankful to them for having come all the way to see me from the school. They convey to me our class teacher’s wish that I should be well soon. It gives me great pleasure to hear pleasure to hear the message of my class teacher. My friends leave me, being unable to stay longer as they have to attend the next period.

My mother returns with medicines and a big papaya. She brings milk to be taken with the quinine tablets. I take the tablets and the milk. My mother goes back to her work after giving me instructions to keep lying in a comfortable position. I try to read something from a magazine but I am unable to concentrate on anything. I put aside the book and try to sleep, but I don’t get any sleep.

Time is heavy on my hands. The whole afternoon is restless time for me. I take the medicine at its proper time. The appearance of my brother and sister, who are back from the school, gives me comes and pays all attention to me. As evening comes, I begin to shiver with cold. I have high fever and my thinking become dull.


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