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Essay on “A day at school” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A day at school

School life is the golden period of man’s life. It is the period of learning manners and making habits. It is a period of enjoying and merry-making with friends and classmates. I am a student of class 10 in a reputed school in Delhi. The time flees very soon in studies and plays at school. It makes such life as is never available afterward. A day at my school is like a chain of work and enjoyment. My school starts at 7:30 a.m. I always teach the school on time. The first bell is the bell for prayer. All the students stand in the queue for their respective classes. Everyone puts on the same uniform. In the world of command of the P.T.I., every student acts as a machine. The defaulters and latecomers have to stand in a separate line. The prayer starts with some “Veda Mantras” and ends with the National Anthem.

After the prayer is over the Vice Principal of our school reads out some very important current news to us. Some of the other necessary announcement is also made if there is any. After this, the students go to their classes in line. The defaulters and latecomers are held up. They are warned and some of them are even punished for being late not wearing school uniforms or disobeying orders.

The duration of every period is half an hour. My class teacher is our English teacher. He often takes up the text in the first period. His lesson is very interesting. He explains to us everything in detail. He makes use of anecdotes to make us understand every point clearly. The next period is for mathematics. Our mathematics teacher is very strict. He gets work from every student and never spares the shirkers.

Our Hindi teacher is a very simple man. He has a very sweet voice. He recites verses in such a sweet voice that we are simply charmed. Up to the fifth period teaching and learning work goes on without any break. Then follows the recess period.

The recess period in our school is an hour of din and noise. As soon as the bell for recess goes, the students rush out quickly. Most of them run towards the canteen to have some refreshments, lunch, tea, etc. They stand in a queue to take their eatables’ or tea. They sit on the grassy lawns to eat. They talk and laugh at certain points and incidents in the classroom. Some of them discuss politics; others talk of films and matches. After taking eatables, they throw the remains of the papers in the dustbin.

Our teachers also relax and rest in the staff room. None of the students is allowed to enter the staff room during recess. The teachers also enjoy their lunch tea etc. In a word the recess period is to refresh and remove our fatigue so that we may pursue our work again. Four periods follow after the recess. We are taught by our respective teachers. We attend to every lesson with most care. But the last period is a bit boring one. The teacher taking the last period is not annoyed if the students request him to allow them to do some writing work in that period. He readily accedes to  our request. IN this way the time is not wasted, but utilized.

With the ringing of the bell all of us leave the school with our satchels and bags. The school presents a noisy atmosphere for a short while. It almost becomes deserted and silent as soon as the students gout of the main entrance to their houses.


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