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Essay on “A bus accident” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A bus accident

Once I happened to travel by bus. It was packed to its capacity. The rush was due to a fair. The bus was delayed at the bus stand by a few minutes. The driver tried to make up for the lost time. He drove the bus at top speed. Some of the passengers did not like it. They asked him not to do but he was a reckless driver. He did not care for their advice.

We saw a bus coming from the opposite direction. He noticed it, but did not turn the bus to a side. When it came very near he turned the bus to a side. The speed was high. He could not control it. The bus struck against a tree we received a severe jerk. I was sitting near the window. The window opened of itself. I fell out of the bus. After striking against the tree the bus fell into a pit and turned turtle. I was slightly hurt but escaped from serious injuries. I stood up and ran to help the wounded persons.

Some of the passengers were lying senseless, while others were crying with pain. A few pedestrians came to help us. We extricated the wounded passengers and rendered first aid to them. The condition of the driver was serious. The limbs of some of the passengers were mutilated. After a few minutes another bus came. It stopped. Its passengers got down. With their help the wounded passengers. Were laid in the bus. They were carried to the nearest hospital. The bus returned after a short time and carried its passengers.

Essay No. 2

A Bus Accident

Accidents of tongas and cycles are very common. We read about them every day. They are more common in big cities than in small towns.

I saw a bus accident yesterday. It took place in the open. I was going to Agra. The bus left Shekohabad and reached near the canal bridge. The road rises very high at the bridge from both sides. Unfortunately a car was coming from the opposite direction. Both the drivers forgot to blow the horns, since they did not see anything ahead. The car being new made no sound.

As our bus reached the bridge the car came up suddenly. The driver of our bus became nervous. He lost his presence of mind. He tried to put the brakes but there was no time. So he gave a sudden turn to the wheels.

Unluckily the road was not very broad at the bridge. The canal was deep on both sides. The result was that the driver could not control the bus. It slipped down from the road and below into the canal below. All efforts of the driver to stop it failed. Fortunately, the water in the canal was not deep. The bus was damaged.

But the damage to the bus was not an important thing if we compared it to the loss of the lives of the people in the bus. There were about 50 persons in the bus – 40 men, 6 women and 4 children. As the bus turned to the left, everyone of us gave out a loud cry. But all was over in a few seconds. We were hurt and made wet with the water of the canal. Four of the passengers died then and there. Their skulls were broken and they died of the shock. None of us was injured seriously. Seven received small scratches and injuries on different parts of the body. One woman, two men and I escaped  by the grace of God without much hurt. I thanked God.

The car was stopped. Inside the car was a retired Government officer. He was very sorry for the poor passengers. He gladly took the seriously wounded passengers in his car and sent them to the hospital where they received medial aid. The doctors gave them medicines and bandaged their wounds. Two to them died soon after.

The police had little to do in the matter, since the driver had died. The most wonderful thing was the escape of the child. Strange are the ways of God. No one harm his whom god saves.


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