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Essay on “1st April” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

How you Be fooled Your Friends on 1st April


As the first April come nearer the vapors of imagination begin to come out of the inventive brains of the students to think our some novel plans of be fooling one another. Every year new techniques and devices are used and every hear has a story of its own. Even a few days before the coming of the day, much labor is spent and pains are taken to execute a successful, laughter providing scheme of be fooling. This year I had a very successful first April Fool’s day because never before had I been able to make fool of so many fellows so successfully as this year.

My first victim was Ramesh Kumar. He is the most brilliant boy of the science section but he is proud of his ability. Once our chemistry teacher had told him that he would recommended his name to the Principal for a special scholarship of ability in reward of his deep interest in science subject’s I managed have been brought by the peon a packet parcel beautifully wrapped as a present of a camera to him from the Principal. All our class fellows envied the lot of Rakesh and Rakesh himself raised his head like a pea-cock in proud joy. The parcel was opened ceremoniously before at the end of the months than twenty, were unwrapped. When the most expected thing was sighted, it was found to be an old torn out miss shaped shoe of a lady. Everybody laughed out of his ribs and the honorable proud Ramesh felt so dishonored that he slipped out of the class to save his face. Everybody congratulated me on my successfully executing my joke.

My next victim was Anil Kumar. Anil is a fat boy with a round figure and a short stature. His very appearance provokes laughter. I had taken with me a doll exactly resembling Shri Anil Kumar. I stood up in the class in the absence of the teacher and announced that our teacher had sent the true copy of Sh. Anil Kumar and I made the present to him. The poor fellow had to accept the present and the whole room resounded with the sound of clapping and laughter.

My third joke fell upon the head of Kishan Lal who had a pen friend of an American girl who used to write letters of praise of the ability of that boy. During long winter evenings as also during long summer afternoons we read books. I like biographies and short stories. I have read and enjoyed some of the best short stories of the world./ they are a joy for ever because they re so beautiful. One of my friends is a voracious reader. He reads novels, poems, books of travel as well as religious books. I think he is making the best use of leisure time by enriching his mind with the help of books. The boys requested him to read out the letter to read it. The contents were as following Dear, donkey headed monkey necked bear bodied. Will you please verify the truth and reply by the return post?

                                                                        Your own pillar Friend,

                                                                                    Roxy Rona,


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