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Essay on “How My Friends and I spend our leisure” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

How My Friends and I spend our leisure

Life without leisure is life without joy. As man is not a machine, he needs some leisure to rest and relax to stand and stare, to roam about or read books. But if he does not know the proper use of leisure, he loses the chance to be happy Happiness depends, among other things, upon the right use of spare time. Some of my friends know this secret of happiness. So they make the best use of their leisure time. I personally feel that there should be a plan for the best enjoyment of leisure. My friends and I pas our holidays arrive. Similar is the case about the leisure we get everyday We have a programmed.

Reading the newspaper is one important item of our programmed. There can be no better use of leisure than this. Thus we keep ourselves in touch with world affairs and matters of current interest Everyday we meet in the afternoon and exchange our ideas about the important events and the problems facing the world.

This we do generally while going for a walk in the afternoon. We take long walks because they are very good for health. Great men like Mahatma Gandhi and George Bernard Shaw used to go for a walk every day. That was the secret of their health. So, some of us go for a long walk every day.

During long winter evenings as also during long summer afternoons we read books. I like biographies and short stories. I have read and enjoyed some of the best short stories of the world./ they are a joy for ever because they re so beautiful. One of my friends is a voracious reader. He reads novels, poems, books of travel as well as  religious books. I think he is making the best use of leisure time by enriching his mind with the help of books.

Another friend of mine is the son of a rich man and has a big garden around his house. He works in his garden in his spare time. We often see him watering the plants, or pruning the hedge or mowing the lawn with the lawn mower. He passes his leisure in the company of plants and flowers. I wish I could have a garden of my own!

Two of my friends are keen foot- ballers. They pass their leisure time ether in playing football or in talking about it. When they are neither playing nor talking about the game, they are surely dreaming of it. They are often seen lost in day dreams of football. They get great pleasure in anticipating how they would scooper a goal or save one.

Thus different tastes are satisfied in different ways and all of us have one of the other interesting and absorbing occupation during our leisure time. Football has no appeal for my scholarly friend, and books do not have much charm for the lover of flowers. How interesting it is to take part in, or hear us discussing the advantages of our different pursuits.


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