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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Socrates” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



Greece : Renowned Philosopher

Birth :470 B.C.           Death : 400. B.C.

Socrates is considered to be the wisest man of the ancient world. Socrates relentlessly pursued truth in all spheres of life. For finding truth, he used the method of questions and answers. He would put certain question and invite answers. To answers thus received, he would again put some question and in this process ultimately arrived at the right answer. With Socrates, also emerged the Greek philosophy which was non-existent before him.

Socrates was born in an ordinary family of Athens around 470 B.C. His father was a sculptor. Socrates was an ugly looking person with a flat nose and inward looking eyes. In his youth, Socrates was a soldier and had taken part in many battles from the side of Athens. Socrates later turned to philosophy. By his unconventional ideas, Socrates came into conflict with the contemporary government. Socrates believed that not every body was fit to rule and that to run the government was an art which could be perfected by knowledge. Socrates also questioned the traditional gods of Athens. All this made many enemies of Socrates who started putting pressure on him to take back much of what he said. The social life of Socrates, therefore, became troubled but unfortunately he had no peace on the domestic front also because his wife, Xentheppe was a cruel and peevish woman. When Socrates refused to take back his ideas and beliefs, his enemies charged him of corrupting the Athenian youths by turning them against the traditional gods. The charges were baseless but the majority found him guilty and sentenced him to death. Socrates was requested by his followers to escape from the jail which he could do easily but Socrates refused to do so. For the sake of his ideas and beliefs, he gladly embraced death by drinking the cup of a deadly poison, hemlock.

History offers only a few examples of such glorious death.


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