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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Karl Marx” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Karl Marx


Germany : Father of Communism

Birth :1818                  Death : 1883

The philosophy of Karl Marx has had the single greatest influence on the political, institutions of the twentieth century. Ideologically, the entire world today is divided into two camps-those who believe in Communism and those who are opposed to it. Marx studied very closely the functioning of the capitalist society in the 19th century Europe and from it he derived the conclusion that capitalism thrived on the exploitation of the poor workers and also that seeds of destruction of capitalism were inherent in it. He also Concluded that Communism was a natural outcome of capitalism. For expounding his revolutionary philosophy, Marx was expelled first from Germany and then from France. Ultimately, he settled in England where in collaboration with Fredrick Engels he published Communist Manifesto (1848). In this work Marx advocated violent overthrow of the capitalist social order and gave the famous call to the world’s workers— “Workers of all countries, unite”. In 1867, was published Marx’s epoch-making work in social philosophy, the Das Capital. Marx believed that a Communist revolution would first take place in industrialized countries of Europe like England, France and Germany. Marx’s prophesy did not, however, come true as it was in an industrially backward country like Russia that the world’s first Communist revolution took place under Lenin’s. leadership.

Karl Marx was born on 5th May 1818 in Trier (Germany) of Jewish parents. Later, his father was converted to Protestantism. Marx at-tended universities in Berlin, Bonn and Jena where he studied law, philosophy and religion. He was married to Jenny Von Westphallen. Marx started to work as. a journalist but his paper was closed down and he was also expelled from Germany. He came to France where also he faced expulsion. Finally Marx settled in London with his family. Marx did not attach any importance to religion in man’s life. Marx died on 14th March 1883, in London and was buried in High gate Cemetery.


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