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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Sigmund Freud” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Sigmund Freud


Austria: Founder of psychoanalysis

Born: 1856  Died: 1939

Sigmund Freud played a crucial role in the development of modern psychology. His theory of psychoanalysis is taught in most of the universities as integral part of psychology. He is treated as one of the. Profound thinkers of the twentieth century. Freud was born on May 6, 1856. He was a renowned physician of Vienna and was supposed to be very good in diagnosing the reasons for any disease and treating it. He believed that nothing happens without a reason. The Interpretation of: Dreams, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, The Ego and Id, Civilization and its Discontents, Moses and Monotheism, and Psychoanalysis are some of his epoch-making books. On the advance of German troops into Austria, he left his native country and died on 23 September, 1939.

Freud’s psychoanalysis throws light on all aspects of human life. He believed that sex or libido is at the base of most of the human activity. He helped in solving many of the complex problems that beset human personality. He also laid emphasis on the use of hypnotism in treatment: of many disorders of the human mind. He encouraged freedom as far as sexual activities are concerned so that one remained mentally sound.

According to Freud, sex is an inborn instinct that governs and channelises human activities. He points towards two fundamental natures. One is fundamental nature for life and the other is for death. He defined sex or libido and one’s destructive activities under these two heads. Freud has made deep study of the psychology of sex and interpretation of dreams.

Freud was an extraordinary psychologist. He left lasting imprint of his thoughts on different spheres of human activity. He provided new direction to sociologists who could now tackle the maladies that beset human society. The modernisation of western society after the Second World War was greatly influenced by Freud’s revolutionary ideas regarding sex and its all-pervading influence.


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