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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Metternich” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



Austria : A pillar of European politics

Born : 1773                 Died : 1859

Metternich was a very astute diplomat. He had such a control over European political affairs that the period following Napoleon and before the emergence of Bismarck in Prussia is called the ‘ Age of Metternich’. He was the towering personality during this period who was at the helm of European politics.

Metternich was born in an aristocratic family of Austria in 1773. He was educated at Strausbourg and Miens. He was a conservative from the beginning and hated any revolutions. His diplomatic skills found full play when he was appointed as ambassador in Dresden. He also met Napoleon after some time.

Mettemich was appointed Chancellor of Austria in 1809. He remained in this post till 1848. He played a decisive role in the downfall of Napoleon, guided and kept in control the state affairs of Russia, German kingdoms and England. Following his principles and guidance the Czar of Russia, Frederick William of Prussia and ruler, of Italy, Greece and Spain took steps to strengthen monarchy in their kingdoms. They crushed all popular aspirations. Metternich was the greatest opportunist of his time and cleverly retained his eminent position in Austria for years. His greatest achievement was that he was able to maintain a balance of power in Europe. He ignored the feelings and aspirations of the people, leading to his downfall. He had to flee to England in 1848.

The Vienna Congress of 1814 was the crowning achievement of Metternich. With the consent of prominent countries he redrew the map of Europe. History will remember him for keeping Europe free from any major war for four decades in that age when wars were common phenomena.


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