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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Jackie Collins” great author complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins was born in London. Her father was a theatrical booking agent and intended both daughters to go into the theatre. Jackie and Joan grew around the entertainment business and they both were encouraged toward acting career. But when Joan Collins established herself as a star in Hollywood, Jackie found her talents in popular fiction. However, her novels The Stud (1969) and its sequel, The Bitch (1979), were later made into films star-ring her famous sister, and Chances (1981) and Lucky (1985) have been made into television mini-series. The Stud and The Bitch were British-based novels. Collins started to write at the age of eight. During a rebellious adolescence she was expelled from school at fifteen. In 1959 she married Wallace Austin – they divorced in 1963.

In 1966 ‘she married Oscar Lerman. Like her sister, she went to Los Angeles in search of a film career. In 1968 she made her first bestseller, The World Is Full Of Married Men, achieving overnight success. At the time of the publication the book was considered shocking because of its sexual content. Since the 1960s Collins has steadily published romance fiction- the manuscripts she had done by hand instead of typing. After the death of Jacqueline Su-san, author of Valley of the Dolls, Collins followed her as the Queen of Trash Lit- or the soap operatic romance with much sex. In Hollywood Husbands (1986) Collins covered the sinful lives of the rich and famous, who cruise the town in Ferraris and Rolls Royces. The central male characters are three friends – Jack Python, one of the most famous talk show hosts in America, Howard Soloman, the head of Orpheus Studios, and Maranon Calble, movie star, director and producer. The Hollywood Kids (1994) focused on the spoiled, aimless children of the rich, powerful, and famous. Hollywood Wives (1983) was made into a television mini-series.

Dangerous Kiss (1999) developed further the saga of the street-smart Lucky. In the story Lucky’s supermodel goddaughter, Brigette Stanislopoulosis, is raped and force-fed heroin by her vicious Italian husband Carlo. But this is not all: her sister-in-law, the actress Mary Lou Berkeley, is murdered in a carjacking. Lethal Seduction (2000) and Deadly Embrace (2002) dealt with the loves and sins of the dangerous Castelli family. Madison Castelli’s father, Michael, is accused of a double murder, and Madison’s wonderful, sexy boyfriend is missing. Madison herself was first introduced in the L.A. Connections series. She is a well-respected journalist, “who specialized in insightful profiles. of the rich, famous, and powerful.” In Deadly Embrace Collins doesn’t waste time in starting the action.


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