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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Ho Chi Minh” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Ho Chi Minh


Vietnam : Father of Vietnamese nation

Born : 1890 Died : 1969

Ho Chi Minh is one of those leaders and patriots who lighted the torch of freedom for their countrymen and emancipated them from the tyrannical rule of colonialists and imperialists. For the Vietnamese people; he is as great as Washington, Garibaldi , Mao Tse Tung, Lenin and Gandhi who liberated their people from the yoke of slavery and oppression.

Ho Chi Minh was born on 19 May, 1890 in Ne An province of Vietnam. His childhood was spent in reading novels, playing chess and admiring beauty of nature. Though he was a promising child, his poverty and slavery stood in the way of his advancement. These adverse circumstances hardened his resolve. For some time he worked as a teacher. But, he had other ideas about his calling. He adopted the name of Da and left for France as a cook. Vietnam was a colony of France. The  French soldiers tyrannised the people. In France, he understood that the colonial powers like England and France did not consider the lives of African and Asian people worth anything. In 1917, he reached England. The First World War came to an end and Ho started for France under another assumed name. He established an organisation in France. and presented a charter of demands at the Versailles conference which created a furore. His sacrifices for his country were hardly known to his countrymen. Because of French oppressors, he had to remain in exile for most of the time. Many times, he had to remain hungry for want of food. He lived in a workers’ colony in Paris, worked as a labour, sold news Papers and suffered untold torture in French prisons. As a journalist, he wrote , &un about the Vietnam problem and even edited a paper. He wrote a book entitled The Crimes of French Colonialists and also a drama ix’ Dragon which was proscribed.

Nu An (now Ho Chi Minh) floated many organisations to fight for Vietnam’s liberation. The struggle launched by them forced the French people to leave Vietnam. Amongst these organisations, ‘League of Colonial Countries’, ‘League of Oppressed People in Asia’ and ‘Viet Minh’ arc prominent. Ho Chi Minh was the first Vietnamese to become member of the radical Socialist Party of France. A new chapter was opened in the struggle of the Vietnamese people for independence with his arrival in that country in 1941. He was arrested but the heroic Vietnamese people kept the struggle alive. In the end, Viet Mirth was successful in liberating Vietnam under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh.

Dr 110 Chi Minh became the President of the Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) on 2 September, 1945 in the presence of 500,000 people at the capital city of Hanoi. Hanoi is now named Ho Chi Minh City in honour of this illustrious son of Vietnam. It was a glorious day in the history of this country.’ Ho Chi Minh was greatly influenced by the philosophy of Karl Marx and he founded a new party named as ‘Vietnam Workers’ Party’ based on the philosophy of Marx and Lenin.

The dream of Ho Chi Minh to have a unified Vietnam was shattered as the southern portion came under American puppets. Thousands of Vietnamese had sacrificed their lives to achieve this dream. Ho Chi Mirth died on 3 September, 1969, at the age of 79. History will always accord him an honourable place for his struggle against French, Japanese and American imperialism. Ho Chi Minh has a place of pride in Indian hearts for his sacrifices in the cause of liberty and self-rule.


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