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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Benito Mussolini” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Benito Mussolini


Italy : Exponent of fascism

Born : 1883  Died : 1945

Mussolini’s dictum was ‘Live Dangerously’. His entire life exemplified it. He was an ardent nationalist who lived and died for his principles, even if they were outmoded.

The conditions in Italy after the First World War were quite miserable. Internal disorders and social conflicts beset that nation. At this time, Mussolini talked of restoring Italy’s prestige and ancient glory. As you know, Italy had a glorious past. The idea attracted the masses and millions followed him. He became the arbiter of his country’s destiny on October 31, 1922, after a bitter struggle. By the year 1940, Italy was again a foremost power in Europe, developed and poised for further glory.

Benito Mussolini was born in a poor family of Romana in 1883. He started life as a teacher. He came in contact with socialists but in 1919, he floated his own party. The party had radical views and believed in violent methods to achieve its aim. The members were armed and wore black shirts. Mussolini could seize power due to unsettled conditions in his country. He pressurised the King. His Fascist Party became all powerful and he assumed dictatorial powers. He eliminated his opponents and came to be addressed as El Duce just as Hitler became known as Fuhrer. After annexing Greece and Albania, Mussolini attacked Ethiopia.

The expansion policy of these two dictators eventually led to Second World War. The people of Italy turned against him and on 25 July, 1943, he was removed from his post and imprisoned. The German Air Force freed him and he went away to Germany. He returned to Italy to form a parallel government. He was captured by the people with his mistress Clara Pettaci ‘on April 28, 1945. This was done by partisans who opposed Fascism. Both were killed and hanged ‘upside down in a Milan square. On the other side, Hitler also saw the writing on the wall and committed suicide in a Berlin bunker with his beloved Eva Braunn.


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