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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Henry Ford” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Henry Ford


U.S.A. : Pioner in Automobiles

Birth : 1863    Death : 1947

The credit of heralding the world into ‘car age’ goes to the famous American industrialist Henry Ford. In 1886, he produced his first car that consumed petrol as its fuel. This marked a revolutionary development in the industrial field. In 1903, he founded the Ford Motor. Company at Dearborn (Michigan). The automobile industry set up by. Ford prospered by leaps and bounds and Ford rose to become the world’s wealthiest and biggest industrialist of his times. His model-T Car sold 15 million during 1908-26. Ford also founded the ‘Dison Institute’ and spent a significant portion of his enormous wealth on social welfare activities. Even in this age of highly sophisticated technology; Ford Car is considered a status symbol.

Henry Ford was born on 30th July 1863, in Michigan (U.S.A.): Ford was a fanner but became an electric mechanic later on. In 1887, he was married and the same year he made a plan to manufacture gas engines and heavy duty farm machines. His special interest in machines brought him to Detroit, the biggest automobile centre in U.S.A. In 1891 he started working in ‘Detroit Edison Electric Company’ and in 1896, produced his first petrol automobile with a four horsepower engine. It ran at a speed of 25 kilometres per hour. In 1903, he founded his famous `Ford Motor Company’ and by dint of his hard work and perseverance came to completely dominate the car industry. Ford died on 7th April 1947 aged 84.

Ford was also the writer of two famous books vig. My life and Work and Today and Tomorrow which give an account of his life, achievements and views. Henry Ford was an industrialist of great mission and the most invaluable contribution he made in the development of the world industry can still be seen on the highways of the world.


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