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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Hegel” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



Germany : Radical-idealist ideologue

Born : 1770        Died : 1831

George Wilhelm Frederich was born at Stuttgart in Germany in an affluent family. After his higher education, he taught at Berne University in Switzerland. Hegel is considered as a great political thinker as Pluto, Rousseau and Marx. Hegel was a firm believer in `idealism’ and is considered a prominent exponent of this philosophy in political thought. His ideas are given below, briefly:

State : Hegel believed that the state is the gift of divine power. General personal freedom can exist in the state, but an individual should obey all orders of the state.

Government: Hegel supports constitutional government. He was opposed to decentralisation and approved of the need for an army. He believed that sovereignty rests in the government.

War : Hegel considered war essential for the state as it destroyed selfish and wanton elements. War also is an indication of the state’s prowess.

Law : He was in favour of punishing the guilty and was opposed to international laws.

Constitution: Hegel was in favour of constitutional monarchy. In his opinion, the state should have control of government, judiciary and constitutional organs in monarchy.

Dualism : Hegel believed that when two streams of thought collide, a new ideology is born. That he called ‘dualism’. He has named the three ideologies as ‘Thesis’, `Antithesis’ and `Synthesis’. According to him constitutional monarchy is born out of the conflict between `democracy’ and `despotism’.

Hegel’s ideology is labelled as `radical idealism’ which later inspired Nazism and Fascism. It must be remembered that his radical views were the need of the hour as Germany was composed of tiny principalities in his time.


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