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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Douglas McArthur” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Douglas McArthur


America : Fearless commander

Born : 1880         Died : 1964

Douglas McArthur is one of the most honoured and decorated commanders of the American army. It was his strategy that made Japan surrender in 1945. He remained as a fine strategist along with all-time greats as Rommel, Goering, Yamashita and Cheshire.

Douglas McArthur was born on January, 1880, at Little Rocks in America in a family of soldiers. He got his training at the famed West Point Academy. In 1903, he was posted in the Philippines as second lieutenant. His father had served there as a general. He was adviser to the Defence Secretary during the First World War. He took active part in this war and had many medals to his credit. He was married in 1922 but got divorced. He became the youngest Chief of Staff (Army) in 1930 and retired from the army in 1937.

McArthur rejoined the army in 1941, when America joined the Allies after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. He brought Japan to her knees. He was posted at Japan after her defeat but was successful in earning their confidence and admiration by his behaviour. Millions of Japanese gave him a fond farewell when he left Japan. His last military action was in Korean War. He also visited India.

He is regarded as the most successful army commander of the twentieth century. He was honoured with many decorations and awards. The Philippines made him a Field Marshal, while Japan conferred upon him their highest military decoration: ‘Grand Cordon Order’. American, Australian and Philippines authorities have declared 13th June, 1942 as `McArthur Day’. On August 15, 1945, he was made the Supreme Commander of Allied forces and he was invited to address the American Congress on April 19, 1951. Many postage stamps and coins were released in honour of his memory and a gold medal with his name inscribed is awarded in the US.


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