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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Anton Pavlovish Chekhov ” great author complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Anton Pavlovish Chekhov 

(1860 – 1904)


Chekhov was a Russian dramatist and short-story writer, ranked as one of the foremost figures in Russian literature. Chekhov was born on January 29, 1860, in Taganrog, Ukraine, and educated in medicine at Moscow State University. While still at the university he published humorous magazine stories and sketches. He rarely practiced medicine because of his success as a writer and because he had tuberculosis, at that time an incurable illness.

The first collection of his humorous writings, Motley Stories, appeared in 1886, and his first play, Ivanov, was produced in Moscow the next year. In 1890 Chekhov visited Sakhalin Island off the coast of Siberia and later wrote Island Sakhalin (1891-94), an account of his Visit. Chekhov’s frail health caused him to move in 1897 from his small country estate near Moscow to the warmer climate of Crimea. He also made frequent trips to health resorts in Western Europe. Near the end of the century he met the actor and producer Constantin Stanislayski, director of the Moscow Art Theatre, which in 1898 produced Chekhov’s famous play The Sea Gull (1896; trans. 1923). This association of playwright and director, which continued until Chekhov’s death, led to the production of several of his one-act dramas and his other well-known plays, Uncle Vanya (1899; trans. 1923), The Three Sisters (1901; trans. 1923), and The Cherry Orchard (1904; trans. 1923).

Modern critics consider Chekhov one of the masters of the short-story form. He was largely responsible for the modern type of short story that depends for effect on mood and symbolism rather than on plot. His narratives, rather than having a climax and resolution, are a thematic arrangement of impressions and ideas. Using themes relating to the everyday life of the landed gentry and professional middle class, Chekhov portrayed the pathos of life in Russia before the 1905 revolution: the futile, boring, and lonely lives of people unable to communicate with one another. Some of Chekhov’s best-known stories are included in the posthumously published Darling and Other Stories (1910; trans. 1916-22). In the Russian theatre Chekhov is pre-eminently a representation of modern naturalism. In a Chekhov play important dramatic events take place offstage. Some of his plays were originally rejected in Moscow, but his technique has become accepted by modern playwrights and audiences, and his plays appear frequently in theatrical repertories. Chekhov died at a German spa on July, 1904.


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