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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Anthony Gilbert ” great author complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Anthony Gilbert 

(1899 1973)

Pseudonym for Lucy Beatrice Malleson, Gilbert also wrote as J. Kilmeny Keith and Anne Meredith, prolific British mystery writer, a woman writing under a man’s name, whose most famous creation is lawyer-detective Arthur G. Crook. For many years Gilbert’s identity was kept a secret. She wrote straight fiction -mostly with a Victorian flavour – under the pseudonym of Anne Meredith. Lucy Malleson was born in Upper Norwood, in London. She was educated at St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Hammersmith, London. Malleson worked as a secretary for the Red Cross, Ministry of Food and Coal Association. Ignoring her mother’s plans to make her a schoolteacher, she fulfilled her own ambition as a writer.

In 1925 she published her first book, The Man Who Was London, under the name J. Kilmeny Keith. She made her debut mystery writer in 1927 with The Tragedy At Freyne. The story introduced Scott Egerton, a rising young British political leader, who then solved crimes in some ten novels. In The Body On The Bealll (1932) Egerton examined the death of a young woman of dubious reputation, whose body is found hanging in a third-rare lodging-house. A young man is arrested, but Egerton approaches the problem from a different angle and builds up an equally strong case against another man from the woman’s past, and traps the.. real criminal. Malleson’s first Arthur G. Crook novel, Murder By Experts, appeared in 1936. It gained an enormous success and Malleson dropped Egerton. During the years G. Crook developed from rather unattractive character into a strong and popular personality, although he is not generally the protagonist of the story Frequently Crook comes to help when a woman or a children is in peril, as in Missing Her Home (1969), where a nine-year-old girl vanishes while on a trip to the supermarket. In And Death Came Teo (1956) Crook helps Ruth Appleyard, who is involved in several questionable death cases. A Question Of Murder (1955) was a about a young woman who is suspected of murdering a boarder. Between the years 1934 and 1962 Malleson published 20 straight novels and one mystery (Portrait Of A Murderer, 1934) under the name Anne Meredith. She also wrote a number of radio plays, which were broadcasted in Great Britain and overseas. Her autobiography, Three-A-Penny, appeared in 1940. Her short stories were published from the 1940s in several anthologies, and such periodicals as Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and The Saint. Among these was ‘The Mills of God’, a poignant and heartbreaking crime story about abortion. Malleson was a founding member of the British Detection Club. She’ died on December 9, 1973.


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