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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Alexander the Great” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Alexander the Great


Macedonia : Greatest Conqueror in History

Birth : 356          Death : 323 B.C.

Alexander was the son of King Philip II of Macedonia. After the death of his father, he succeeded to the throne of Macedonia in 336 B.C. On succeeding to the throne, Alexander had to face many revolts within his country but he suppressed them all with great success. After establishing his unchallenged supremacy in Greece, Alexander now dreamt of becoming the ruler of the world. For this purpose he raised a huge army and equipped it with the best weapons and moved eastwards on his journey of conquests in 334 B.C. By his extraordinary leadership and with the help of his able army, he overran the whole of Asia Minor, Mediterranean territories and Phoenicia and reached the valley of Nile. He conquered Egypt and founded the city of Alexandria in 332 B.C., in commemoration of his victory. After conquering Egypt, .Alexander marched towards Persian Empire. At Arabela, Alexander completely routed the Persian army under Darius III. After overrunning Bactria across the Hindu Kush in May 327 B.C., Alexander marched towards India. In the summer of 326 B.C., Alexander’s armies had reached the banks of river Indus. The ruler of Taxila, Ambi, and many other smaller rulers welcomed Alexander and made friendship with him, but the ruler of the kingdom between Jhelum and Chenab, Porus,  refused to submit to a foreign invader. A battle was then fought between Porus and Alexander. Porus fought bravely but due to rainy weather and disorderly elephants, he was defeated: Alexander was very much impressed by his bravery and returned his kingdom to him. In August 326. B.C., he crossed the river Ravi and conquered all the territories in the east of it. Alexander was now eager to bring the mighty and prosperous kingdom of Magadha under his control but his troops were tired and homesick, so Alexander decided to retreat.  

In September 325 B.C., Alexander left India for Greece. In B.C., he reached Babylon where he died of a dangerous fever at the age of 33 only. Alexander had no son, and so, his vast empire was divided by his generals among themselves and thus it became disintegrated soon after.


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