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English Essay on “White Collared Crimes” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

White Collared Crimes

Crime – what is the crime? Crime is an act, which is evil and is punishable by law – such as stealing, cheating, and murder for personal benefit. From times immemorial, such acts have been done by people but, they were usually done by the poor, depressed just to enable them to make their ends meet. However, today the scenario of crime has also changed like every other. Originally, the traditional occupation of the poor has now become the occupation of the community of people already flourishing in other businesses.

The world of crime has been now taken over by the so-called elite, the white-collared gentry of the society. In this modern world of advancement and education, the one-time prerogative of the poor is being shared by the rich and well-to-do. The world of crime has become sophisticated and they are in their world of crime, a method of mechanical advancement. Now at the end of the 20th century, the world of crime is no more the domain of the poor, but it is a profession of the elite, the affluent. Now, the so-called white collared educated class has a hand in the pie of crimes. The crimes of the white-collared are increasing, and the crime of the poor of course continues so the crime graph is continuously on the rise. The crime is increasing and the styles getting more modern and sophisticated. To some extent, we can say that the criminal of today handles crime without using his own hand, he organizes it so well that no one can ever suspect him, and above all, he seems to run a parallel government, an entire strength, and a force. Now, the poor criminal of the olden times, well known for his association with crime, is now, on the payroll of the elite criminal, who is well equipped with all modern facilities of conducting the crimes.

With the change of hands of criminals, the style and modus operandi has become sophisticated, and so this crime comes under the new category of crime, called the white-collared crime. The methodology has changed, and of course, the criminal is also an individual of high rank belonging to the affluent and educated class. Crime has always existed, ever since man realized that there were good things of life which he is bereft of, but it was always the avenue of work for the people who could not eke out a living otherwise. But today, why do the rich dabble in this of crime, is a wonder. They commit crimes by proxy, on payment to the poor criminals on their rolls, so, they never get exposed-Oh! What a hi-fi style of criminalization.

The modern criminal maintains a plush office, with scores of poor people serving him on meager payments, and the promise of secrecy. The real criminal whose game plan the crime is, is never seen even by the people who work for him. This sophistication has led to the poor criminal of the old, exposed to a double threat. One threat is the obvious one that, if he is caught, he is to meet the gallows. If he does not succeed in the crime, he faces the danger of being killed by his mentor. So, the so-called worker is now exposed to a double risk, as he works for someone else. He has a double threat of being destroyed while, when he worked for himself and by himself, he only had to encounter the danger of the police, if he was caught in the act of crime. Today, he is at the mercy of the boss, who may destroy him whenever he feels like it.

In the olden days of less advancement or backwardness in the field of crime, crime was committed to gain some wealth. Though the objective is still the same – gaining wealth, crime covers a much larger spectrum of activities. Not only are robberies committed, but crime has also taken a new shape and form. The criminals are not only looting people but are indulging in duping people of their hard-earned wealth, in a variety of ways. For example, those who are in need of employment are duped by people of the white-collared community of criminals by running parallel employment exchanges.

The poor unemployed themselves registered in these exchanges, little know that their employment will never come into being for the exchange is itself a hoax. People in need of driving licenses are getting forged licenses. Those who want to pass an examination, get it done by buying the papers beforehand. These and many more are the avenues of work for the sophisticated criminals, and the list of their activities goes on. With their ingenuity, their education, and their wealth at their backing, they continue to thrive in every nook and corner of the country. The horizon of the criminals keeps on increasing by the day, their wealth keeps on heaping up, his manpower is high and mighty, and the world foes did not know of him. Aha! Why do I say that the world does not know him – the world knows him but, like a big gun, a big sahib and the one who can do no wrong. The other side or rather the real side of his face is not known to the world, he is highly respected in society.

The brain and the backup support of the criminal help him in establishing a network that is more intelligent and more sophisticated than the network of the criminal catching agencies

One can see the hand of this white-collared criminal in almost every sphere of development. The latest avenue is the sale of land. He is selling through his agents, the same plot of land to scores of people, all unknown to each other, and not known to him. They all pay him the money for the land and not one of them gets the land. It appears as if the land is in the custody of the criminal as a safe deposit, he can use it whenever he needs it to make any amount of money. In this way his money power increases, his Empire expands, and the irony of it all is that he remains incognito, so there is no danger to him at all, in spite of doing so much of wrong. He still remains a thorough gentleman in the eyes of the world.

Thus we see that, with the advancement in all spheres, crime efficiency has also reached an all-time high. The criminal is now, an unknown entity, working on signals, buttons, and computers, and the poor worker on the ground is a mere tool in the hands of the boss. He is working here either to make his two ends meet, or he has been entrapped by the class criminal to attain his object, without endangering himself. If this sophistication in crime is allowed to grow, a day will come when these criminals will be wielding all the power of the country and the country will not be able to get out of their clutches. How I wish this ingenuity, this brain and planning and money were used for fruitful purposes for the progress of the country. We would have achieved manifold success in every sphere of our existence. We would not have remained in the country of the third world for so long. The pity is that the community that can really help in the progress of the country has got itself busy manipulating its own growth instead of contributing to the growth of the country. This white-collared crime must end for; it is the cream of our society indulging in this nefarious task of working as criminals. Only God can help a country where the backbone becomes a stick, and instead of helping the country to stand, is intent upon breaking it.


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