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English Essay on “To Be Your Own Best Friend” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

To Be Your Own Best Friend

In this context, let us first analyze who is really a friend. A friend is, a person who guides you correctly, advises you in time, gives you continuous support, moral, mental, and physical. Inspite of all this, a friend is one who criticizes you to correct you and not to belittle you. One would wonder why, a person who criticizes can be called a friend, this is because he does not want you to do something wrong, so, he is found criticizing you. He is really your best friend because, inspite of all your flaws, and drawbacks, he loves you. In reality, he is critical of you only because he loves you. This friend does not wait for you to achieve something before he can be appreciative of you, he does not wait for you to ask for help or advice, it all comes as he is a friend. If this is, in a nutshell, what a friend should be and is expected to be, the next step would now be, to consider who could be your best friend.

In these days of human deterioration, a friend of the above description is difficult or rather impossible to find. Then what should a person do if a friend is difficult to find? Living in this tense and charged atmosphere without a friend would be no short of just torture, yes torture. So what does one do in the present scenario when, it is impossible to live without a friend, and a friend in the real sense, is missing a number today?

In these circumstances then, it would be most appropriate to become your own friend. Now let us consider how to get about the task of becoming your own friend. This is very easy but, a cumbersome exercise no doubt to be your own friend obviously you have to do what the friend does for you, step into his shoes and start doing just as he would do for you and to you.

The first priority should be to love yourself, just as the friend does, for, if you love yourself, it would be well near impossible to decry you, and you would have created an atmosphere most congenial for yourself to bloom. Besides this, as we said earlier that, a friend loves us as we are, and inspite of what we are. This should not be difficult for you, you just remain yourself and do not copy anyone else. You must retain the characteristics of your behavior as, only then you will be able to respect yourself as you

Next on the list of activities of your friend, you must learn to be very critical of yourself. A friend is a person who truly criticizes you to find an improvement in you. So, by very analytical and critical of all your actions, this habit will help you improve in all that you do, and yet, you will continue to love yourself. Why can’t you criticize yourself, this is not difficult if there is honesty in your actions. Your attitude and behaviour will change and improve if the actions are critically monitored by you, just as your friend did for you. In this way, there is bound to be an overall improvement in the personality and you would have been your best friend. It is only when you understand your flaws and shortcomings that you will be able to help yourself as a friend does. By now you will have developed the capacity to understand your own capacities and view your own vulnerable points, and the work of a good friend would have been done. Now when you have done so much, to analyze and appreciate what all you really are, there are no possible restrictions on the furthering of your interests, plans, and achievements.

Thus it may well be understood that there can be no friend for you, who could be better than yourself. You can be your best friend as soon as you step into the shoes of your friend and start doing all that is expected to be done by a friend. At this stage the difference would only be that, the friend would no more be another individual in another human frame but, he is one-yes one with you, your own conscience, your love, and your true understanding without any biases. Once you manage to take up this dual role of your friend within you, there could be no stopper to your progress, your happiness, and your achievements.

Thus you can be your own best friend if you take up the role of your friend, and find him within your own self, and the off heard slogan that we are two bodies with one soul becomes the slogan that we are one body and one soul. It would be a wonderful day when all of us could become our own best friends for, who knows us better than ourselves. The result of this would be a world of no betrayals, no disappointments, and no treachery of a friend.


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