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English Essay on “Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Nation Builders” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Nation Builders

The backbone of any strong nation is its students. Students who are the youth of a country help the nation in times of emergency, drought, floods, or any type of riots. Students, by virtue of their energy, are best suited for tough jobs for building the foundation of a nation. They can undergo any type of sacrifice. Students have a fund of immense knowledge which if channelized in the proper direction can prove to be of great help and value. Whenever the honor and freedom of a nation are facing danger, it is students who come to the forefront and protect it at the cost of their lives.

Students are full of energy and have sufficient time for their studies. Student life is not very long. As such, it becomes the duty of students to acquire as much information and knowledge as possible during this short period. Only then, they can prove themselves to be the true and proud sons of their motherland. Students have to build a high-quality character during their studies because a nation is known by the character of its citizens. The moral character has gone downwards during about three hundred years of foreign rule. Students must learn from the very beginning of their education life the lessons of self-reliance and sacrifice & sympathy towards the causes of nation-building. Even in the classroom, they should live with love and co-operate with their class fellows.

A nation with indisciplined youth is always in danger of extinction and can never prosper, Indiscipline can play havoc with the social life of a nation.

Today’s students will be tomorrow’s citizens. As such, if our students today start learning and following a disciplined life, then tomorrow they will be matured and disciplined citizens of the nation. These students can pave the way for building a strong and progressive nation in the future. They will be responsible and honorable leaders in assemblies and parliament. Such disciplined students will not indulge in public property damage, burning of buses, and killing of innocent people.

Disciplined students will not allow anybody to commit anti-social activities. In this way, students will be doing a great service to the nation’s progress and integrity.

Disciplined students become literate citizens of a nation. They understand the dirty play of politics. They know how to keep religion away from politics. They will be proved to be the best voters because they know the misuse of various issues by political parties to win votes. Students should also try to follow the path of non-violence because violence leads to terrorism and the loss of public property. Students should participate in reforming and contributing towards political stability but not at the cost of their routine studies. It is first education which is essential for them to help do something for nation-building. They have to prepare themselves today for the bright future of the nation.

Today’s students should equip themselves both mentally and physically so as to make themselves a strong foundation of a great nation tomorrow. They can build the best workforce for the upliftment of the country. Today’s students will be required to take place of present leaders who are going to retire in the future. Moreover, today’s students will be the best judges to analyze the problems of the future. Students have contributed to check price-rise, unemployment, and unnecessary reservations. They have the capability to spread the message of co-operation and sportsmanship as they learn the same while playing in the sports and games at various levels of education.

Students also learn the whole nation’s diversified cultures, people, languages, and ways of living in different environments. As such, these students will be the best agents of national unity and integration. Students learn to adjust themselves to new conditions under various hardships and therefore, they can play better a role in nation-building.


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