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English Essay on “My Priorities in Life” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

My Priorities in Life

Life has a lot to give to each one of us but, we must at all times remember that none of us can get everything that we want nor can we get all that exists in this world. However, we all do get gifts in this life, and punishments too, but it is so very typical of us humans to want what others possess and think that others have more than us. Besides, we as weak humans never realize or count all the gifts we have from life. Most of us are apt to believe that, all that we want all others have; only we are bereft of gifts from life.

This basic attitude of human beings keeps us unhappy all the while. The basic cause of this is that we never seem to feel gifted. In order to be happy, we must understand one principle issue and it is that we definitely cannot have all the gifts life has to offer. So, let us now fix our priorities – there we must say to ourselves, we must try to get what we can and if we do get, we shall be happy. Now we must realize that we have to fix our priorities in life in every sphere, our preferences, and choices in life. For this, we have many examples of people in different walks of life, who become our ideals and whom we would like to emulate, if possible.

As far as I am concerned my priorities in life are very clear, regarding emotions I would prefer to be a person who is loveable rather than a person who is feared for, I prefer to work for love rather than work with fear and get work done by fear.

This one emotion I feel can create wonders in life. It can change people beyond all recognition and with love; work can be handled more efficiently than with the stick. My priority regarding emotions is to become a person who is loveable and so, is loved wherever I go. This single emotion breeds other delicate emotions of respect and regard priority. Which I will automatically get if I get the gift of love, which is my

Regarding appearance, a beautiful face is one that reflects a beautiful interior. No amount of cosmetics and a beautician’s magic can make an appearance beautiful if it lacks the internal beauty of character and conduct. I would like to appear a personality with a beautiful interior rather than a machine-made modern product of attraction. This is my priority whether I achieve it or not, is a matter of God’s gift.

With respect to a profession, I feel no profession is bad if it is done with sincerity. However the profession I would love to follow is one of Mother Teresa rather than of Bill Clinton or Tony Blair. The career of Mother Teresa is one that instills in the individual a sense of giving, which I first adore. Besides, even I were to be selfish as all of us human beings are, I would love to be Mother Teresa for she will really never be forgotten by this world. While Bill Clinton and Tony Blair will only find their place in history books and will be replaced. However, Mother Teresa will stay in history books and in the hearts of millions of people and their families whom she served. She will always be spoken of, as a harbinger of love while Bill Clinton and Tony Blair will only remain to be mechanically declared heads of state. Regarding attaining wealth which has top priority in the sequence of things today, my priority is to have wealth enough to live and if I get any extra, share it with God’s other children who may be less fortunate. Thus my priorities are clear in every sphere of life. The clarity is the fountain of satisfaction and happiness within me; with this, I am sure I can avoid unhappiness for myself, my family, and my friends. It’s my earnest request to all, that we must fix our priorities and try to achieve them. This will surely help us out of the maze of dissatisfaction. If we all do this, we will spread greater happiness in the world around us.


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