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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Walking” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Most of us have lost count of the number of times we see people make faces when they hear the word ‘walking’. Walking does not make us inferior to anyone. It also does not degrade us in the eyes of society. Neither is walking the sole preserve of the poor and lower class.

In fact, walking is a very positive exercise. It becomes all the more necessary for all those people who lead a comparatively sedentary life, especially people like housewives, officers, businessmen, and traders, etc.

The question now arises why should walking be preferred in the face of so many sports and outdoor activities that are available to all of us? The answer is that it does not require any infrastructure or equipment. If one were to go swimming, or playing football, one would need a swimming pool or a football ground and a ball. Similarly, young people may be able to take part in various outdoor activities by the sheer dint of their physical strength. But in such cases what about old, infirm, or recovering patients? They are in no position to undertake hard physical activities, yet they are to exercise for becoming and remaining fit. For people who cannot afford costly equipment and for those who have physical limitations walking is an ideal solution.

A person can walk at his own pace. He can take a rest whenever he feels like it. He can also choose the time and route of his walk. He neither needs company nor infrastructure to go for a walk.

Walking gives fresh air as medicine. It rejuvenates the tired body cells. It gives new speed to the blood flowing in our veins. It also helps us to get rid of harmful body fat. A person communes with nature and all its creations. Walking gives us a chance to mull over our acts and involve ourselves in creative ideas

For some people walking is an obsession. They walk for pleasure and as a habit. They love to wander around in nature. They love to disappear in the company of birds, bees, trees, rivers, and fish. Such people can often be seen sitting quickly on the banks of a river or laying on a soft bed of grass and staring at the birds that fly in the sky. Some great poets, painters, and writers like Michael Angelo, Tennyson, Eliot, Chaucer, Bernard Shaw, etc. have been great walkers. Thanks to the long walks they took, for we have perhaps the greatest creations of arts in the world.

Indeed walking has enriched our society like no other outdoor activity has.


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