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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Student Life” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and Graduation Students.

Student Life

Should a student take part in politics or not? This question has been debated at great length. Unfortunately each time the debate has remained inconclusive. We shall try to reexamine this question once again during the course of this essay.

We would, first of all, define the words politics and students in order to make the course of our arguments clear.

Politics can be defined as that aspect of public life which deals with social, economic, and cultural problems of the society. A politician is that person who has a complete picture of the needs of society in his mind. An ideal politician is very clear about his duty towards the people and the rights that the constitution provides each citizen. He is well aware of the history, geography, socio-economic and cultural problems of the area which he serves. At the same time, the affairs of the country are not unfamiliar to him. He is an excellent speaker and articulator of the desires and the hopes of the people he represents.

Similarly, a student can be defined as a person who is engaged in the primary activity of acquiring information and knowledge. He attends an educational institution and is active in pursuit of science, social sciences, history, geography, and various other subjects. At this stage, he also develops the sporting spirit and the competitive edge to succeed in the world of grown-ups. An ideal student is aware of the happenings around him and in his country. It is as a student that he develops sensitivity, leadership, courage, sincerity of purpose, the devotion of duty, discipline, and self-sacrifice. A student during the process of his education is exposed to various social activities, which involve community service and cultural exercises. Such engagements are very important for character building and social awareness.

As the definitions of student and politician suggest, both of them form an integral part of society. While the student can be called the base, the politician can be called the building. Taking this analogy if the building is to be strong, effective, stable, and properly constructed, then the base should be dynamic, powerful, and finely shaped

It would therefore be wrong on the part of the students to become active at an early age in politics. Only a fully aware and mature student can become a good politician, while a student who has only half the knowledge is bound to do more harm than good to society.


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