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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Student and Discipline” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and Graduation Students.

Student and Discipline

Discipline can be described as a quality that makes a person conduct his daily life in an orderly and punctual manner. Educational institutions all over the world strive towards inculcating such a habit in their students

Unfortunately, the quality of discipline is on the decline. Students and other young people are becoming more unruly. Strikes, violence, dishonesty, laziness, and anger have become the order of the any

Indiscipline owes itself to various reasons prevalent in society. Lack of role models, the behavior of the grown-ups, aimlessness, absence of proper guidance and moral education in schools, growing population, inadequacy on the part of the elders to inculcate good values, increasing population, and lack of commitment of the teachers, are some of the principal reasons behind the increasing indiscipline in the society.

A young person is first and foremost influenced from home. The behavior of parents and the manner in which they conduct themselves play a very important role in molding the character of a child. Violence, dishonest practices, condoning of anti-social behavior at home encourages a child to grow up into an undisciplined adult. Parents often fail to set standards of simple living and high thinking for the children. They are so busy in their professions that they seldom find time to encourage good habits or hard work, sincerity, honesty, and non-violence in their children.

The next place where a child learns indiscipline is the school.

Educational institutions are overcrowded today. The teachers are thus not able to give individual attention to the students. The syllabi have increased to such an extent that completing them has become the foremost task of the teachers. Then there is the absence of moral education in our schools. Education of this sort teaches the importance of high values to a child. Very much like the parents the teachers have also failed in setting an example of becoming a role model to their students. The students are thus not able to find incentives to follow good examples and mold their lives according to the high standards of a good citizen.

Indulgent attitude and excess money of the parents and other people misguide the young people into thinking that by being undisciplined they can achieve everything that is desired by them.


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