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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “Preservation of Environment” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

Preservation of Environment

The term ‘Environment is the sum total of climate, geography, geology and hydrology of a human habitat. Man is the product of the environment and his life is solely dependent on balanced environment. Environmental pollution in India has increased manifold after the dawn of Independence. Nearly 35 percent of India’s total land area has been subjected to serious environmental imbalance and degradation. Hardly one-ninth of the total area is under adequate tree cover.

Pollution, at present has become a threat for the whole world. Economic growth is taking place at the cost of environment. India too has become anxious about her environmental protection. A few States sensed and assessed the problem of pollution caused by various industries. Air pollution is caused by smoke coming out of steam and diesel/oil engines, mills producing chemical acids, workshops and chimneys of factories in the industrial areas. The transport in big cities is so bottle-necked that it becomes difficult to stand on busy cross-roads and breathe freely while inhaling polluted air. Mechanised transport vehicles on land and aeroplanes in the sky emit foul-smelling gas and smoke.

Sewage is dumped into rivers without treatment. Chemicals are sprayed for pesticide and cause unlimited adulteration of food grains and other eatable ingredients. There is lack of public awareness in India.

The slum dwellers ease themselves around their dwellings and cow-dung keeps lying and rotting even in the streets. The people throw garbage here and there. They spit, urinate and defecate in the open. Flies gather dirt and germs of diseases like diarrhoea and cholera and sit on exposed food. There are no sanitary latrines and the people dig away the pits near to the sources of drinking water. Stools are not covered with mud. Waste and dirty water keeps standing in puddles and ponds. It becomes the breeding place for mosquitoes which spread malaria. There is lack of proper disposal of waste water and garbage in most of the houses. Water is the most wonderful liquid on earth. The earth would be a lifeless place without water. But dirty water has harmful effects.

Polluted manure gives us polluted food. Pollution of food, water and air is a great menace to health and life and demands serious attention. They should be saved at all costs from contamination, caused by bacteria, chemicals and radioisotopes. Adverse effects of physical and chemical pollution of the elements should be curbed on war-footing.

Social laws should be formulated to keep the noise sources under check. Poor illumination, abnormal pressure, radiation, toxic gases and dusts, biological pathogen etc. should be kept under check lest they should become a health hazard for the masses.

Many States have passed a number of laws and legislations on prevention of air and water pollution, preservation of wild life, fish and fauna. The Government of India has also created the department of environment to grapple with environmental degradation. Financial difficulties, political corruption and public ignorance are the worst hurdles in the path of preservation of environment.


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