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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “FM Radio – A Means of Entertainment and Education” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

FM Radio – A Means of Entertainment and Education

Radio-broadcasting has brought a revolution in the mind of man everywhere in the world. The people listen to the daily news and commentaries of experts on various topics. They add to their knowledge much than they are unaware of. The people, fond of sports-commentaries, listen to the latest sports-events. These commentaries are also broadcast on the radio. Think of an illiterate person. He cannot read the newspapers, but he can understand all what is broadcast to the people on radio. The important leaders of the country make speeches and the people listen to them. The artists, sing and stage dramas and the people enjoy music and everything else. Many talks on the radio are of the great entertainment value. Some of the talks give instruction to the people. These talks educate the masses. Thus radio-sets are found almost in every home. Those who cannot afford a radio, have a transistor, which is a mini-radio. Thus, the people get at the source of cheap recreation. In the world, everyone is worried on one account or the other. Thus radio-entertainment keeps him happy. For the time he forgets all about the anxieties of life.

We have heard certain musical programmes broadcast on occasions of importance such as “Tansen Festival Programme’, ‘Thyagaraja Musical Festival Programmes’, etc. People cannot travel to distant places to hear programmes but they can enjoy such enlivening music on their radio-sets or transistors. The people who have a religious bent of mind, hear Bhajans and Qawalis etc. which delight them. Those who wish to hear film music can find vigorous delight in this way. Sometimes programmes of classical music are broadcast on the radio net-works and these programmes provide enough entertainment to the people having taste for classics. Sometimes, lessons on classical music and other subjects are also broadcast on the radio. These lessons are of a great instructive value. The students earn a lot out of these lessons. They raise their own standard by listening to these delightful programmes. Thus the radio-programmes sometimes become much informative and contain much by way of entertainment. The radio-broadcasting is essential for mobilising public opinion. Speeches are broadcast on different topics of political and economic importance and thus the masses remain in contact with these latest issues. Whenever the Government wishes to convey an important and urgent message to the people, it is broadcast on the radio and the people come to know of it soon. Whenever any sort of emergency arises in the country, it is through the radio, that special programmes are broadcast to the people. Thus the radio broadcasting programmes bring the Government and the masses closer together. Radio-music is heard by millions of people. It is the cheapest source of entertainment. Very eminent artists perform this music. Thus we hear the important artists on the radio. Thus, radio-entertainment is the cheapest and best source of instruction, information and recreation for the masses. It is of much educative value, as important lessons are broadcast to the students on radio on important topics as told earlier. The radio programmes benefit the students and the people alike with a variety. These programmes touch almost every aspect of human life and therefore, such programmes have become very popular everywhere. The Village Community Centres have got radio-sets and now the television-sets also are being provided to these people. The villagers get educated through such programmes of rural uplift. These programmes are broadcast on radio and are splashed on the television net-works. Thus these programmes have got much value. They educate the masses and also provide recreation to them. Today A.I.R. is one of the major broadcasting organisation in the world. It has 86 radio stations, three commercial centres and two relaying centres in the country. The radio paging service was launched in January 1995. This facility will enable subscribers to send messages to persons on move. AIR is the first in Asia to use this technology.


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