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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Habitat Day – 6th October” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students for Exam.

Habitat Day – 6th October

World Habitat Day on the 6th of October is an occasion to celebrate and remember the problems and solutions for homeless people throughout the world. Shelter or home is one of the basic necessities of life; without which there is no meaning in life, culture and development. On this very day of the 6th of October in 1976, United Nations held a conference on “Human settlements in Vancouver, Canada. Hence to mark the anniversary of that conference we celebrate it as ‘Habitat Day’ on 6th October, every year.

We commemorate the important contribution which the conference made to national and international action in the field of human settlements. The first Habitat Day was observed on 6th October 1986 by the unanimous decision taken by United Nations, General Assembly.

This day is an annual event to seek ways and means for providing shelter to the homeless as well as inadequate shelters whose housing conditions are incompatible with their human status. A home is a point and place in humankind where culture and democracy evolve. Celebration of this day provides an opportunity for governments, communities and agencies to review the efforts in resolving shelter related issues. This day provides a platform to share experiences of successful initiatives that have been taken for providing shelter and home. The day also gives us new ideas and knowledge of distinct problems that have been encountered to provide shelter to homeless community. Programmes for experiments and researches are being discussed, shared and taken on this special day of habitat. Low-cost houses and community living system are being developed day and night to make homeless at par. In India, new findings for the concept of home is emerging out to convert a portion of school into night shelter on humanitarian basis. At the same time, low-cost community houses are being constructed to provide home for homeless. Every year celebration of the Habitat Day has different themes to ponder and reflect on the concept of home for the needy persons. Really, Habitat day is a thrilling and loving occasion to sit and think in the making of better human race and culture. It affects the nation as well as world at large for such a noble cause as home for homeless, a living condition of human life.

“A home for homeless, Makes the world a beautiful place.”


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