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English Essay on “If One Day the Earth Stopped Rotating and Revolving” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

If One Day the Earth Stopped Rotating and Revolving

If the earth stopped revolving and rotating, it would spell disaster and all prayer would be diverted to Heaven to help the man out of the predicament. The Earth as we know is a Planet and a part of the Solar System. The Earth, like all other planets, moves round and round the sun. It has two movements very well coordinated with it and with other planets.

The two distinct movements are the rotation of the Earth on its own axis and the revolution of the Earth around the sun. The moot point to be considered is that these movements are not to be seen as just movements but, in the context of what these movements give to us on Earth. So, obviously, if these movements stopped the gifts of these movements would also cease.

The rotation of the Earth on its axis gives us on earth our Day and Night. In this, the 24 hours of the day are so neatly divided into day and night, with the day being for work and night for rest and relaxation. On the other hand, the Earth’s movement around the sun gives us, people on Earth our seasons, the hot, the wet, and the cold. These seasons are also great assets to us as we get to enjoy the fruits of these seasons, the pleasures of these seasons and besides all this, they gi 9 us a sense of change and freshness. When one season changes into the other, we feel as though a new life has been infused by a mere change of the season.

With so many gifts to us by the apparently simple movements of the Earth, we can hardly underestimate the utility of these movements to us on Earth. Now let us imagine what would happen if one fine day the Earth stopped moving. The Earth would then present a scene of utter confusion, chaos, and unhappiness. If we men were not used today and night and changes of seasons it would have been a different matter, but, in the present circumstances we have, for ages, being accustomed to these changes so, if they were to be denied to us we would feel terribly dejected and forlorn.

At the point of time or moment the Earth would stop moving we would be having day or night or dawn or dusk and one of the three seasons. With stopping of its movements, each place of the world would have to be confined to either day night, dusk, or dawn and whatever season we would be having at that point of time. We would not know how to handle the new situation as we are used to changes. How would we time our daily routines, when would we work and when would we sleep. The strict discipline of nature of passing on from day to night and from night to day would be converted into a static position. Loss of discipline in nature would cause an increase of indiscipline in our daily routines. The guiding factor of day and night has gone, we would just rest when we would want to and work when we want to. This would be a scenario of utter confusion and absolute indiscipline

The loss of seasons would also prevent us from preparing ourselves for them. We would then be in a permanently hot, cold, or wet zone. This would never give us relief from the tortures of extremes of any season and we would be unkindly plunged into the effects of one season, never to get solace and relief from a change in the season. How would we enjoy the blessings and fruits of all seasons, we would get stranded in the precincts of one time of the day and one season only.

The day the Earth stops its movements around the sum will be a day of doom for us on earth. All the advantages of these movements presented to us on a platter would seem to be unkindly withdrawn. We would be sufferers at the hands of the Almighty and all hands would raise in prayer to HIM for restoration of the gifts, HE has so graciously awarded to us since the very inception of creation.


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