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English Essay on “Newspapers and Our Daily Life” complete Paragraph and Speech for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation Classes.

Newspapers and Our Daily Life

Newspapers are the mirrors of daily life. All that happens in the daily life is mirrored in the newspapers. Those who read the newspapers every day are ahead with the latest facts. All-important local, national and foreign news are given in the newspapers. Therefore, the habit of reading newspapers is very important. Its value in the modern life is tremendous. One who does not read newspapers every day is ignorant about what is happening around him.

Newspapers also create opinion and wield powerful influence in the development of events around you. You may not be journalist and your articles may not be published by the editors of the papers but you can always write a good letter to the editor of a newspaper, expressing your opinion on certain events and it will be published. You can even criticize the editorial of a newspaper if you find something wrong with it and it will be published if you are sincere and clear-cut in your views about it.

Newspapers shape the policies of government and the nation. They reflect the public opinion and also shape the public opinion. They are reflectors, builders and creators of public opinion. Therefore, newspapers have a great educative value. Curiosity is the law of human nature and we all want to know what is happening around the city, the State and the world? Newspapers satisfy our curiosity. If we do not get the morning newspapers or cannot read it for some reason or the other, we feel as if something is missing from our lives. It is as if we have lost something very valuable.

Many rumors are always floating about and if we do not read newspapers regularly we become victims of rumor-mongering. They often exert evil influence on our life. Only by reading a standard newspaper we can know what is right and what is wrong. On the right news we can base our judgements and cannot be misled by false reports sent around by the interested parties to mislead us and sometimes even cheat us.

Interesting and thrilling events around the world are reported every day in the newspapers. Therefore, newspaper-reading is a laudable habit. You cannot keep your knowledge up-to-date without the help of the newspapers. The function of newspaper is also to entertain the reader and to amuse him and help him to forget his worries. Therefore, newspapers carry jokes, tidbits and lighter side of life to add salt and spice to otherwise dull and drab news. They make readable what is often a serious affair about the world. They also report tragedies; it is now a common practice to report deaths, marriages and births in the newspapers, so that the kith and kin may get the news as quickly as possible instead of communicating the news to everyone individually.

Newspapers also carry advertisements which offer new articles and better price for articles we want to dispose of. These advertisements are quite interesting and useful. Many people read newspapers only for the purpose of advertisements. Newspapers also carry matrimonial advertisements. You can marry a boy or girl through the matrimonial columns. In contacting parties on the basis of matrimonial advertisements, you have to be careful because some of these matrimonial advertisers are bogus people and want to rob you by leading you to marry an unsuitable boy or girl. But all of these advertisements are not spurious. Some matrimonial advertisers are very genuine and they should be contacted. You must know how to sift grain from the chaff.

According to American assessment, “Newspapers carry advertisements and news between the advertisements.” Here lie also means telling lies. Some Americans believe that advertisements are the only truths in newspapers. All the rest is mere gossip. But that is an extreme view. We must learn to balance our judgments.


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