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English Essay on “Terrorism” complete Paragraph and Speech for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation Classes.


3 Best Essay on “Terrorism”

Essay No. 01

Terrorism is a system of frightening people, to make them do what the terrorists want. Senator Denton, an American politician has called it the most widely practiced form of modern welfare”. These activities of terrorism are neither fashionable and fascinating nor are romantic fights for freedom, but are criminal actions plain and simple. It is a law of the jungle to use muscle power and force to get things done. It is a barbarian act, people who are disgruntled and who are unable to get their desires fulfilled by normal and accepted methods in society, are resorting to terrorism. There has been exploitation of the weak and the poor for centuries by the rich and the powerful. When all representations and appeals of non-violent nature failed to yield any response, the frustrated and the oppressed resort to violence as there is no other alternative. Such protests are also called terrorist activities. The motives behind terrorism may be personal or political. Whatever the motives of the terrorists may be, they affect National Integration.

Today terrorism is a worldwide problem ranging from aircraft hijacking to the planting of bombs in aircraft. The brutal killing of opponents and innocent people by terrorists is heard every day from far and near. Our Prime Ministers Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi became victims of terrorist activities. The militant activities in Jammu and Kashmir are also acts of terrorism in the guise of freedom struggle. The hijacking of the Indian Airlines plane in December 1999 was also an ugly face of terrorism It is often seen that terrorist groups whether in India or Sri Lanka or elsewhere in the world (e.g., Sept. 9/11 attack on World Trade Centre in New York) receive money, weapons and training from other foreign countries. These terrorists have unlimited access to sophisticated weapons. They believe that the highest form of revolutionary terrorism should utilize the most advanced science and technology and result in the greatest number of casualties in the most stunning manner. This philosophy was acted out in 2001 by the Al Qaeda terrorists when on September 11, they used two planes to blow off the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in the heart of New York City causing the death of thousands of people and destroying the world-renowned prestigious buildings. The only Super Power in the world was caught off guard, totally defenseless against the new planned, well-coordinated, and the most massive suicide terrorist attack ever.

In India, terrorism had struck in the recent past in one form or another specially in Kashmir, Punjab, Assam, Manipur, and other States. The newspapers are filled with reports of violence, murders, explosions, and shootings in many parts of the world. The examples are innumerable. In these terrorist activities, hundreds of innocent men and women have died. Many of the official buildings were either destroyed or burnt to ashes, for no reason. Today it looks uncertain how long this lust for blood will continue, but it is rather obvious that these people have no other reason for the terrorist activities than creating fear among the people. It is perpetrated by fanatics W h-D are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life.

Several steps are now being taken all over the world to control these activities such as the establishment of anti-terrorist forces to battle terrorism. Countries like Britain, Russia. Germany, U.S.A., have anti-terrorist squads. India has also established such squads to fight against terrorists/terrorism. The police and sundry Para military forces have been present in certain areas of the country where violence is at its worst. India has not only taken steps to check the terrorism in her own country but has helped her neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and the Maldives to fight against it.

The day is not far away when these terrorist activities in our country will come to an end as whenever any country has tried to threaten India’s integrity, India has always responded positively to maintain the dignity of her motherland which she had got after years of struggle.

Terrorism has emerged as a global threat requiring a unified global response. It is never too late for the world to get united to fight a common enemy.


Terrorism – A Handmaid of the Poor

Essay No. 02

What is this thread expression of “Terrorism’? Why does this exist at all, is it a point to be discussed and understood? There are two moot points to be discussed when we talk of terrorism. Terrorism is in reality the use of terror or fear in the minds of people in a very organized and systematic way. The next obvious question that arises is, why is this used at all-to this also the answer is simple it is used to create panic and thus achieve an objective in mind. With the growth in a sense of insecurity among the masses in general, the objective is achieved

In my opinion, terrorism is something that is much worse than a regular war, for, against war, all preparations are always ready at hand but these terrorist attacks being unexpected and unwarranted can just not be secured against. What can be done when people are traveling by train, getting ready to board a bus, or watching a cinema, and the terrorists strike. How can any prevention against this be arranged? It is this very uncertainty of time and place that makes terrorist attacks more dangerous than even regular warfare. Another point that makes these attacks worse than war to some extent is that these attacks are always against poor innocent people of the public. In war also no doubt, the public suffers but, they are not the targets, they are given protection till it is possible. With these terrorist activities, today, there is a continuous fear of attack and so, the danger is always looming large on the horizon

Terrorism is of two kinds, one is political terrorism and the other is criminal terrorism. In the former, terrorism seeks to attain some political objective by creating panic on a large scale. This type of terrorism can be disastrous as, these terrorists are well trained for the task, they are very well organized, and also have solid backup support of some political big wig. In this, senseless violence is indulged in, just to create a panic among the people and to create problems for the Government Organisations who harbor and train terrorists to indulge in hijacking airplanes, shooting innocent people, using bombs to scare the public, and spreading rumors are the main modus operandi of these political terrorists.

Besides these political terrorists, there is another brand of terrorists termed, criminal terrorists. Their work is chiefly to kidnap for ransom.

After studying the two types of terrorism that exist now, let us analyze how this community takes birth, and who they are. What we understand is that these people are usually those young men who are enticed into this profession by old professional politicians, they get attracted this because they are out of employment, and the charm of money hooks them into this profession, even much against their desire to follow this particular profession. What do these young men gain in the bargain? Besides a few years of employment, I do not think that these young men could gain anything. They are used and exploited by their mentors, their political bosses, whom they probably don’t even see. It is just some trash money that attracts them, and in the bargain, they lose sight of their own goals of life and get lost in the labyrinth of crimes. They lose a vision of their objectives and get strayed from the mainstream of development. These crimes are most shameful because they are conducted by unmeaning innocent men, and they are also targeted against innocent people. Most of these young people even lose their young and precious lives while participating in these nefarious activities, in ‘encounters with the police. Thus, in a nutshell, the young boys who choose to become terrorists lose their all, yes all their careers, their youth, and finally even their lives at the hands of the crafty old political brain working from behind them.

Today terrorism has become a worldwide phenomenon, it is rampant in the Middle East, most of the European countries. Some countries help in the development of terrorism in other countries and since their boys are trained, their level of performance is flawless and absolutely superb. As we have seen in India, in the process of the last one decade or more, our neighbor Pakistan is training, providing sophisticated weapons to spread Terrorism in India. A series of bomb blasts off and on, murders of prominent personalities, all go to show that this process is a continuous and silent war, is very difficult to curb. This menace of terrorism continues to spread in India because some big person or country wants it to continue.

The Government has tried to deal with this menace by assuming greater powers for itself. The Anti-Terrorist Act was passed by the Parliament, providing for stringent punishment for such’ disruptive activities’. Amendment was also made in the Arms Act in order to control the possession and usage of unlicensed arms. In reality, this Act pronounces a minimum punishment of three years R.I. for any person found in possession of unlicensed arms. Use of a religious place for political purposes is also strictly prohibited. However, inspite of all this extremists or terrorists manage to carry on their acts of sabotage and violence absolutely unabated.

Terrorism is condemned by all right-thinking people of the world, but now to curb this spreading menace, is what defies all solutions. No matter how good or noble the cause for which the terrorists are fighting, their style of functioning I’d say is cowardly. Since this has not been cured by any Acts of Parliament it is felt now that, the Government should start providing for the poor sections of the society who thus do not get tempted to join these terrorist outfits merely to get employment. Education is another instrument that may be used effectively against this demon of Terrorism.



Essay No. 03

Terrorism has become a global phenomenon and though it was relatively late in the day that the world realized the gravity of it, thankfully, it has. It was the bombing of the World Trade Center (WTC) as of September 11, 2001, that finally got the world to do a serious rethinking about the issue. India has been plagued by the problem for decades now and faced an attack on parliament on December 13, 2001. Terrorism is, by and large, a political problem and arises out of intense dissatisfaction with the state of things. A handful of people take up violent means in furtherance of what they believe to be a social or religious cause. Governmental insensitively or the vested political interest – Sometimes both — add fuel to fire, and the unrest caused by a few violent people turns into some kind of a violent movement and gradually gets organized. Terrorism is thus born, to put it simply. It might be to assert linguistic or cultural identity or to carry out a holy war of the world to save the world from those whom they consider infidels. There is no uniform definition of terrorism. In India, Parliament first enacted TADA and then POTA to counter the problem, but the remedy proved more dangerous and harmful than the disease itself. It turned into a political tool in the hands of unscrupulous politicians. In face of rampant abuse both TADA and POTA and to go.


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