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English Essay on “My School” complete Paragraph and Speech for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation Classes.

My School

A school is a pious place of learning. It is said to be the temple of Goddess Luxmi. I also think so about my school and I like it very much when I go to my school in the morning. I feel very pleased because the atmosphere there is pleasing.

I read in Bal Bharati Public School, Karol Bagh, New Delhi. It is situated near Ganga Ram Hospital on one side and Shankar Road/ Ridge Road on the other. My school is at a walking distance from my house. The building of my school is three-storied. It is painted in red colour at the outside and in white colour from inside. It is a spacious building. In all there are 60 class-rooms, a hail, a large library, three laboratories and two staff rooms. Three is a small but comfortable separate room for the visitors. The Administrative Block of our school is a separate structure. It consists of the Principal’s room and the office. There is a large courtyard where we assemble in the morning for prayers. In the big hall cultural activities take place. Adjoining this hall is our School Dispensary.

In front of the hall there is a large open space used as a playground. On the three sides of this ground are flowerbeds and lawns. The lush green lawns, plants and flowers around this open space make it a pretty sight to look at. Our Principal and a few of our teachers are very fond of gardening. They look after the flowerbeds with great care. There is also a gardener. He is well trained in his work of gardening. He also has a long experience in this line. There is a grand swimming pool where every facility is provided to the students to learn swimming under proper guidance.

AI our laboratories are well equipped with instruments, etc. for doing practicals. The library and its big reading room are a specialty of my school. There are thousands of books on all school-subjects and of latest edition, our library books are computerized. In the reading room we enjoy reading newspapers, magazines and books. About 80 students can sit at a time in the library and reading room. Our librarians are very polite and well read. They are ever ready to help the students concerning any book-topic.

The school has its own canteen where some eatables, hot tea or coffee and cold drinks are always available at subsidized rates.

There are about 3500 students in our school. It is a co-educational school. Education and learning are imparted in Arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering, Computer and Drawing subjects in our school. It is one of the best schools in Delhi. The results of my school are a matter of envy for many other schools in the city. In games and other extra-curricular activities also my school enjoys a high reputation.

The standard of our school is very high. The teachers of my school are highly qualified. There are about 110 teachers in Riley school. They are all very laborious and show exemplary result, in the Board Examination. They are a devoted team of men and women headed by an experienced Principal. They love the students like their own sons and daughters. Special classes are held for weak students. Brilliant students are also given extra coaching. The poor and needy besides meritorious students are liberally given stipends and scholarships. Its students are often selected in professional courses and many ex-students one in high ranking positions. That is why students from far off places of the city come seeking admission in my school.

In real sense, our school is an ideal school. I like my school yen,’ much. I take pride in being a student of such a good school.


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