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English Essay on “Annual Prize Distribution Function” complete Paragraph and Speech for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation Classes.

Annual Prize Distribution Function

Essay No. 01

The annual Prize Distribution function is the greatest event in a school. The Principal, the staff and the students look forward to this day with great zest and zeal. Like a birthday it comes once a year and prize distribution day is usually often the foundation day of the school.

The annual prize distribution day is the most important and the most significant day in an institution. It is eagerly awaited by the staff and the students, whether they are prize-winners or not.

Quite often I attend the prize distribution of the Guru Harkishan Public School in Delhi. Its Principal, Sardar Gurdial Singh Dhillon, is a devoted and dedicated man. Its entire staff is hard working. Its students are highly disciplined and intelligent. They are not only studious but also have wide general knowledge of the world. It is a wonder to watch its students during the prize distribution ceremony. It is a joy to see how they guide the guests to their seats and how they look after their comforts. The boys are naturally trained and not specially rehearsed for the occasion, because even otherwise they behave brilliantly during the school hours and even outside the classes.

The chief guest, who distributes prizes, is a very important man. Once Sardar Gurdial Singh Dhillon, Lok Sabha Speaker presided over the function. So this was the occasion when the Principal and the Chief Guest had the same name. They are old friends and it was a rare occasion for them to meet together.

In Guru Harkishan Public School the students and the staff arrive two hours before the prize distribution day to look after the arrangements. The guests are expected to be in their seats half an hour before the arrival of the Chief Guest who usually arrives punctually in the nick of time.

There is an introductory speech by the Principal, then a speech by the Chief Guest, then the prizes are distributed. It is followed by a variety show which includes dramas, dances and colourful shows and other interesting items both in English and in Hindi, besides Punjabi. Then there is farewell speech by the President of the Governing. Body. It is followed by tea and snacks for the guests. It is altogether a memorable occasion.

One special feature of the annual prize distribution in Guru Harkishan Public School is that prizes are also given to those students who attend the school regularly and do not remain absent even for a day throughout the year. This prize is received by the parents rather than the students, because parents too are responsible for regular attendance. Quite a large number of parents do get the prizes.

Essay No. 02

The Annual Day at A School


Prize Distribution Day at School

Prize distribution is an important school event. It gives a glimpse into the working of the school. It is the day of the winners. The others get inspiration from this day to work hard and win prizes.

This year school celebrated the Prize Distribution on the 25th of January. Preparations for this day started many days earlier. There were many cultural items to be prepared. Several students took part in these programmes. They worked very hard, as they wanted to give a good account of themselves. Shri, Harsh Vardhan, the Educational Minister was to be the chief guest of the function.

The school was tastefully decorated. A canopy was put up in the school compound. Flower pots were placed all along the corridor. A dais was erected at one end. Many rows of chairs were arranged for the guests. The chief guest, the Principal, the Chairman and the Manager of the school committee were to be seated on the sofa sets placed on the dais.

At exactly 4 p.m., the chief guest arrived. He was received at the school gate by our principal. The Manager welcomed him with a banquet of flowers. The school band played a welcome tune in his honour. The N.C.C. Cadets presented a guard of honour. He has taken to the pandal. All got up to honour him. Young children began the programme with a prayer. Then more cultural items followed one after the other. Everybody clapped and cheered the participants. They had a spell-binding performance.

The Principal read out the annual report. The Chief Guest gave away prizes to students. The students felt proud on


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