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e-Typewriting – Meaning and Importance  for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Stenography Vocational


e-Typewriting – Meaning and Importance


The art and technique of typing on computer is known as e-Typewriting.

As computers have become an integral part of our professional and personal lives, acquiring of computer skills has become as important as reading and writing skills. It has become increasingly essential for everyone to use computer keyboard efficiently so as to make optimum use of computers.

Mastery of the keyboard particularly becomes much more important for professionals who spend a lot of time on working with computers.
Operating the keyboard efficiently also gives a great boost to one’s confidence and selfesteem besides providing effectiveness to the jobs on hand. Though the manual typewriters have been replaced with computers yet the need to acquire high typing speed by the users cannot be under-emphasized.

typewriting on a manual typewriter, e-Typewriting has the following

e-typewriting reduces the fatigue of the computer operator and output is

Feather touch and not hard strike is required to operate the keys of computer keyboard.

Since the carriage moves automatically to the next line, there is no need
for the hands to leave the keyboard.

There is uniformity of typed matter. So, quality of work is better.

Editing of text is easy. There are cut, copy, paste, redo, undo etc. options for the purpose.

One can justify margins in e-Typewriting due to word wrap feature of
computer which was not possible on a typewriter.

Different type fonts and font sizes are available on computer.

Spelling and grammatical errors can be easily detected and corrected.

Automatic centralization of headings and underscoring features are available on computer.

Special mathematical and other signs can be typed.

No extra strain is required for making multiple copies.

Typed matter can be saved and used for future reference.

Coloured print of the matter can be taken.

With the help of internet, typed material, graphics etc. can be e-mailed to other users.

e-Typewriting has brought about revolution in the concept of Paperless
and Virtual office.


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