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Download Sample Question Paper Solved for Class 10 CBSE Exam Term-1 “Automotive (Subject Code 404)” Objective Style with Answers for Students.

CBSE | Department Of Skill Education
Automotive (Subject Code 404) Class 10 (Session 2021-2022) Sample Question Paper For Term -1

Max. Time Allowed: 60 Minutes (1 Hr.) Max. Marks: 25


General Instructions:
1. Please read the instructions carefully
2. This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz., Section A, Section B, and Section C.
3. Section A is of 05 marks and has 06 questions on Employability Skills.
4. Section B is of 15 marks and has 20 questions on Subject-specific Skills.
5. Section C is of 05 marks and has 07 competency-based questions.
6. Do as per the instructions given in the respective sections.
7. Marks allotted are mentioned against each section/question.
8. All questions must be attempted in the correct order



Answer any 5 questions out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

1. Which C’s implies being particular and clear rather than fuzzy and general.

a) Clarity
b) Concreteness
c) Courtesy
d) Correctness

2. Feedback such as “good job” or “you did great.” Are kind of which feedback

a) Descriptive feedback
b) Specific Feedback
c) General feedback
d) Informal feedback

3. If students are unable to handle their assignment submission deadlines then which type of stress may induce?

a) Mental stress
b) Physical stress
c) Social stress
d) Positive stress

4._____ includes a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of body and mind

a) Meditation
b) Physical Exercise
c) Listening music
d) Yoga

5. Which option allows the user to change various settings in your computer?

a) Shut down
b) All Programs
c) Control panel
d) Search box

6. Select the option to delete the file permanently

a) Ctrl+A
b) Ctrl+C
c) Ctrl+V
d) Shift+delete


Answer any 15 questions out of the given 20 questions (1 x 15 = 15 marks)

7. In which type of chassis engine is completely fitted in the driver’s cabin

a) Full forward
b) Semi-forward
c) Bus chassis
d) Engine in front

8.The hood is made in a _______piece

a) Single
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four


9. The volume of cylinder (including the combustion chamber) above
the piston when it is in the T.D.C. position is referred to as________

a) Stroke
b) Clearance volume
c) Piston displacement
d) Engine capacity

10. Relative change of viscosity with temperature is called ______

a) Physical stability
b) Chemical stability
c) Flash point
d) Viscosity index

11. The engine gives best performance at temperature from _______ degree Celsius, which is called the optimum temperature limit.

a) 10 to 25
b) 30 to 60
c) 70 to 85
d) 100 to 120

12. Long form of MPFI engine is ______

a) Main Point Fuel Injection
b) Main Point Filter Injection
c) Multi Point Fuel Injection
d) Multi Position Fuel Injection

13. Which resistance depends upon material and quality of the road surface

a) Rolling Resistance
b) Gradient Resistance
c) Air Resistance
d) Total Resistance

14. Identify types of stub axle

a) Elliot types
b) Reversed Elliot
c) Lamoine type
d) Reversed lamoine type

15. Which type of steering gear box is used in Swaraj Mazda

a) Worm and Worm wheel
b) Worm and Sector
c) Rack and Pinion
d) Worm and Nut

16. The functions of the final drive are to provide a permanent speed reduction and also to turn the drive round through _______

a) 30 °
b) 60 °
c) 90 °
d) 180 °

17. The initial curvature provided in a leaf spring is called ________

a) Camber
b) Yawing
c) Dipping
d) Pitching

18. Identify Type of tyre

a) Traditional tube tyre
b) Tubeless tyre
c) Solid tyre
d) Treated tyre

19. In order to bring the vehicle to rest kinetic energy must be equals to ______

a) zero
b) 100
c) 120
d) 184

20._______ is the source of electricity in automobile when the engine is running

a) Cutout unit
b) current regulator
c) Ignition coil
d) Alternator

21. Which spanner is open at one end and close at other end?

a) Ring spanner
b) Box spanner
c) Combination spanner
d) Open ended spanner

22.The _______ is work holding device use to hold the work for operation like sawing, filing, chipping, tapping, threading, bending of small jobs, fitting etc.

a) Spanner
b) Mallet
c) Bench vice
d) Chisel

23.To measure distance along straight line use _______ tool

a) steel ruler
b) External caliper
c) Internal caliper
d) screw gauge

24.Least count of Micro meter is _______

a) 0.001 mm
b) 0.01 mm
c) 0.1 mm
d) 1mm

25.Multi meter is also known as _______
a) Volt Ohm meter
b) Amp Ohm meter
c) Tachometer
d) Hydrometer

26. A _________is an instrument that measures the working speed of an engine
a) Multi Meter
b) Tachometer
c) Hydrometer
d) Multi tester


Answer any 5 questions out of the given 7 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

27.Ram is a new mechanic and he is doing work on engine, while dismantling the complicated parts of engine Which tool he will use, which increases life of parts and will reduce damage.

a) Hand tool
b) Measuring tool
c) Tappet wrench
d) Special tool

28. Rohan is doing maintenance work at home of his own vehicle, lock nut is not removing with the help of spanner so suggest that which wrench is useful to precisely apply a specific torque on work piece.

a) Clutch holding tool
b) Torque wrench
c) Tappet Wrench
d) Flywheel puller

29. Namrata is working as a design engineer in industry, Which type of air compressor she will prefer for heavy shop or industrial work

a) Rotary screw air compressor
b) Reciprocating air compressor
c) Positive compressor
d) Negative compressor

30. Sunny is cleaning / washing his car at home, While cleaning the vehicle he must use

a) Dish soap
b) Detergent
c) Car liquid soap
d) Washing power

31. Jivan was driving a car suddenly he realizes that he has not checked engine oil level so for the same he must use ______

a) Filler gauge
b) Screw gauge
c) Dip stick
d) Dial gauge

32. Uday was reading a vehicles owner’s manual suddenly he found that Changing of Air filter is mandatory at every ___________ km

a) 10,000 km
b) 20,000 km
c) 40,000 km
d) 50,000 km

33.Works manager Gita is giving training to new mechanic about vehicle servicing, she instructed to all mechanic that, Air filter must be cleaned by

a) Chemical
b) Air Blower
c) Oil
d) Water


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