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Complaint Letter on “Customer Complaint Letter”, complete complaint letters example.

Customer Complaint Letter

This letter is from an irate customer, who had purchased a particular model of a watch but on reaching home finds a different one from what he had chosen. Such types of letters should contain precise information about the product and nature of the complaint.

Here is a sample customer complaint letter:




27th lane

House #8 


New Delhi





The Branch Manager

Tiscot Showroom

Greater Kailash

Main Market


21st June, 2011

Dear Sir,

On the 20th of June i.e. yesterday I had visited the showroom with my fianc6e. We had gone through the vast and lovely collection of watches there. We were attended by Mr. Varun. After looking at the collection, we had selected a model as a gift, for my fiancée We paid for it and asked to pack the selected watch.

Imagine our horror and surprise when we opened the packet at home and found an entirely different make and model watch from the one that we had selected. Beside this watch is of inferior quality costing less than the chosen one.

I have retained the cash receipt of the watch purchased. The amount that we paid was for the watch that we had selected. I request you to kindly look into the matter. I shall be visiting the showroom tomorrow

Thanking You

Yours Truly



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