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CBSE Assessment of Speaking New Task and Speaking Test Examples (ASL) with conversation and Questions and Answers for Class 10 and Class 11. Test 3





Situation: Lisa is having some problems with her exercise bike, and she is calling Sport Center to have it repaired.

Nancy: Thank you for calling Sports Center. May I help you?

Lisa: I bought an exercise bike from your store last year, and I am having problems with it. I need to have it repaired.

Nancy: Let me connect you to the Service department. One moment please.

Karen: Service department, this is Karen. How can I help you?

Lisa: I bought an exercise bike from Sports Center last year and it needs to be repaired.

Karen: What seems to be the problem?

Lisa: I am not very sure, but I think there is a problem with the bike’s computer console because the LCD screen does not display the different features.

Karen: Nothing was on when you pushed the Start button?

Lisa: No, nothing.

Karen: What is your bike model?

Lisa: It is a 126 Upright Ford Bike.

Karen: I can send a technician out to take a look at your bike. It will cost $75.00 for labor. Also, if we have to replace any parts, that will be extra.

Lisa: That is expensive. Isn’t the repair cost covered by warranty?

Karen: When exactly did you purchase your bike?

Lisa: About fifteen months ago.

Karen: I am sorry. The standard warranty only covers a year. Did you buy extra warranty coverage at the time of purchase?

Lisa: No, I did not. Are there any other options besides paying $75.00 for repair labor?

Karen: No, I am afraid not.

Lisa: I guess I just have to pay for the repair. When can you send a technician?

Karen: I have next Thursday November the twenty third at 2:00PM available. Otherwise, the next date has to be December the eighth at 10:00AM.

Lisa: I take this coming Thursday. Will you send out a reminder?

Karen: Somebody will give you a call the evening before to confirm the appointment.

Lisa: Will the technician accept credit card payment?

Karen: Yes, he will. By the way, you can buy the extra warranty coverage now if you want to.

Lisa: How much does it cost?

Karen: Fifty dollars for one-year warranty, seventy-five dollars for two-years, and a hundred dollars for three-years.

Lisa: Does it cover both labor and materials?

Karen: It covers everything. Do you want to sign up for it?

Lisa: Oh, I do not know.

Karen: It will be good for you. We will send a technician any times the bike needs services. It does not matter how many times you call us in a year. Also, if we cannot fix the problem, we will provide you with a new exercise bike.

Lisa: OK, I want to sign up for the two-year warranty program.

Karen: I think it is a good investment. Are you going to pay by credit card now or do you want me to send you a bill?

Lisa: Send me a bill, please.

Karen: One last thing before I let you go, I need your address please.

Lisa: 995 Silver Lake Street in Long Beach.

Karen: OK, it is all set. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Lisa: No. Thank you for your help.

Karen: You are welcome. Have a nice day!



1) Conversation Practice

Step 1: Have the students listen to the recorded dialogue.

Step 2: Have the students read along to the recorded dialogue.

Step 3: Divide your class into groups of two students. Have one student plays the role of Nancy

and Karen, and another the role of Lisa.


2) Questions/Answers Practice

Pair the students and have them practice the following questions or greetings and answers. Ask them to come up with similar questions or greetings and answers.

G: Hello, this is Natalie.                                A: Hi, Natalie. This is Mary from the Accounting department.

G: Good morning. How may I help you?  A: Good morning, I have misplaced my hotel room key.

G: Hi, this is Jennifer.                                   A: Hi Jennifer, thank you for returning my call.

Q: May I speak to John please?                 A: One moment. Let me connect you.

G: I was put on hold for a long time. I am      A: I am so sorry. Let me connect you to still waiting for John. John right now.

Q: Who is calling, please?                           A: This is Tom Burt.

G: I need to speak to Richard Anderson. A: Let me transfer you. Please hold.

G: Sorry, Richard is in the field at the moment.                   A: Could you take a message?

G: Sorry, Richard is not available at the moment.             A: Can I leave a message for Richard then?

Q: Richard is still on the line. Do you still                            A: Yes, I will hold.

Thank you for holding. How may I help you?                      A: I need some information on one of your products.

Q: May I have your account number?                                 A: Excuse me, but what account number?

Q: For verification, may I have your home address?           A : 1825 Palo Verde, Costa Mesa, Denver.

3) Comprehension test

  1. a) Why is Lisa calling Sports Center?
  2. b) Is Nancy able to help Lisa?
  3. c) What kind of problem does Lisa have with her exercise bike?


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