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CBSE Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) Class 9, Speaking Descriptors for Assessment of Speaking (Examiner’s Copy) for class 9


Task Management


Contributions are highly effective and fulfil the task. Can fulfil the communicative functions of the level with spontaneity.
Is prompt to initiate discussions on the themes/ functions at the given level appropriately.
Contributes spontaneously to keep the interaction going; takes turns appropriately.
Speaks with a clear sense of purpose and audience in both formal and informal situations.
Contributions are always appropriate to the context/ situation.


Contributions are adequate and fulfil the task. Can fulfil functions of the level but may not do so consistently.
Is able to initiate discussions on the themes/ functions at the given level.
Makes an effort to keep the interaction going; takes turns.
Speaks with an awareness of purpose and audience may not adapt register effectively.
Contributions are appropriate to the context/ situation.



There is almost no contribution and/or contributions may not be related to the task or reciting from memory when performing the task.
Does not initiate discussions.
Makes no effort to keep the interaction going.
Has hardly any sense of purpose and cannot adapt to register.


Speed of Delivery

Presents information in a logical sequence of linked utterances with a clear connection between ideas, arguments and statements.
Uses a range of cohesive devices.
Speaks fluently with minimal hesitation. Intelligible speed of delivery.

Presents information generally in a logical order but overall progression may not always be clear.
Uses a range of cohesive devices but some over/under use. Coherence may be affected by hesitancy or rephrasing.
Intelligible speed of delivery.

Presents information with no progression and/or little control of organisational features.
May use only isolated words and phrases.



Has clear, natural pronunciation that can be easily understood by the listener.
Correctly places stress and varies intonation in order to express finer shades of meaning appropriate to the context.
Is intelligible though there are examples of some mispronunciation.
Tries tovary stress and intonation according to task, content and meaning.
Is not intelligible. Evidence of speech patterns related to recitation.




Uses an expressive and appropriate range of structures, words and phrases on topics appropriate to the level and to deliver an effective message.
Uses a range of vocabulary and grammatical patterns with accuracy, including some complex forms.
Makes only negligible errors.
Can use the language of the level but is repetitive.
May search for words with the risk of the message becoming weaker.
There may be some vocabulary and grammatical mistakes which affect meaning but there is an attempt to correct most of these mistakes.
Uses simple, isolated words for the level. There is little effort to find words.
Communicates with fragments of words and structures but does not manage to bridge the gaps or correct his/her mistakes.


**If a student is unable to respond in English in the two assessed phases, he or she should be marked NM (no marks) .


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