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CBSE ASL Speaking Topic “Discussion on the topic of fashion among certain friends”.

Discussion on the topic of fashion among certain friends.

Conversation on the Topic “Fashion Among the Students” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Peter: Young boys and girls all over the world are day by day becoming more fashionable nowadays.

Molly: The young students want to dress themselves in the most modern dresses according to the latest fashion.

Alexander: Fashion spreads like a wild fire and is adopted by all the young girls and boys.

Meena: Even fashion shows are held in big hotels to exhibit the latest dresses.

Perry: I think Paris is the home of fashion. It is said fashion changes there very fast.

Elizabeth: Even in India, Bombay, Delhi and Chandigarh are big fashion centres.

Ram: Fashion can be used for anything, for dress, hairstyle, shoes, manners or etiquettes in all spheres of life.

Prema: In the world of fashion everything changes like the law of nature.

Anita: The students in India are becoming very fashionable.

They come to the college in all types of fashionable clothes.

Sushma: The girl students wear colourful dresses like beautiful butterflies.

Tina: The boys also try to do their best to look like film actors. They try to imitate Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan.

Peter: The female students also dress up to look like Hema Malini, Rakhi or Zeenat Aman.

Liza: Why are you jealous of the girls, Peter?

Peter: I am not jealous, dear Liza. I am simply stating the facts as we are today. discussing the topic of fashion.

Perry: Never mind Liza. Let him say whatever he likes.

Ram: I think that the students in. India learns all their fashions from the films.

Liza: But that way even going to see a film I also a fashion.

Ram: You are right, Liza. I agree with you.

Meena: Some fashion-crazy students spend long hours on their makeup.

Perry: I think such students possess the latest in-formation regarding film and fashion: But if you talk to them about their textbooks then they will be dumb-founded.

Elizabeth: And those who do not wear fashionable dresses in the colleges are regarded as backward and outcasts.

Ram: But in my opinion fashion is not a bad thing.

Prema: I agree with you there is nothing wrong in fashion. A fashionable person looks smart and very attractive.

Anita: But I beg to differ with you dear Prema. I think those students who spend a lot of time on their makeup do not take their studies very seriously.

Tina: They even do not have enough time to remove the dust settled on their books.

Sushma: But I think, that if fashion is done in limits, then it is not bad.

Peter: I totally agree with you.

Perry: But I think that it is wrong to believe that fashion only means wearing expensive clothes.

Alexander: I think Perry is right. In fact, simplicity is the best fashion.

Meena: There is no doubt in it.

Perry: But I think that the students should not waste their precious time on fashion., The main aim of a student is not to learn fashion but to acquire knowledge.

Mary: On the other hand, I am a supporter of fashion. Tell me Bill, if the students are not allowed to do the fashion, then who else should be allowed? Should the old do the fashion?

Prema: Very good, Mary. I agree with your argument.

Perry: But beauty needs no ornaments. The young students are at the height of their youth. Therefore, there is no need for them to do fashion. They already look smart.

Peter: We agree with Perry. It is the old people who have lost their glamour, should do fashion.

Liza: Perry, we don’t agree with you.

Sushma: It is the birthright of every young person to do fashion.

Ram: O.K. There is no need of quarrelling. We can agree that the students should do fashion but in limits.

Prema: Let us agree with Ram and conclude today’s discussion.


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